4 YouTube Hacks Most People Totally Ignore

4 YouTube Hacks Most People Totally Ignore

So you want to become a YouTube star and make money from videos? With over 2 billion monthly users, YouTube offers major money making potential. However, building an audience and actually profiting takes consistent effort over time. 

What impacts earnings potential on YouTube? Your success depends on several key factors. Let’s dive in and break down the 4 most important ones.

1 – Content Quality and Value

Content quality and value

Top-tier content is absolutely essential for attracting views, subscribers and driving revenue. Ask yourself:

– Is my content entertaining or interesting for viewers? You need some kind of appeal – whether humor, talent, great editing, informative value etc. Give people a compelling reason to click and keep watching.

– Does it provide value to viewers? Teach a skill, offer commentary people appreciate, showcase talent or creative editing... Present content that leaves viewers feeling it was a worthwhile watch.

– Is production quality good? While phone videos can work when starting out, to fully engage viewers you eventually need great camera-work, crisp editing, sound, graphics etc. 

Really think hard about what would make someone click on your video from search results or suggested videos. Then tailor content specifically to YouTube – study what’s working for competitors in your niche and produce something just as good if not better. Creativity, consistency and continually improving production will win you loyal, engaged viewers.

2 – Upload Consistency and Volume 

Upload content

Releasing videos frequently and regularly keeps bringing viewers back to your channel. It also signals the YouTube algorithm to continue suggesting your content.

Aim to establish an upload schedule and stick to it religiously. The most successful YouTubers publish daily or almost daily. Patience and persistence is key – you need to keep uploading videos regularly for months and even years to build a loyal audience.

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When first starting out, find a comfortable schedule you can manage without burning out. For example, start off small with one quality video per week. As you master production and creative processes, build towards greater volume and frequency so viewers always know when to expect fresh content. 

But quality still trumps quantity on YouTube. It’s better to post an amazingly engaging video once a week as opposed to poor videos daily. You need to find the correct balance of quality and also quantity.

3 – YouTube SEO Optimization


YouTube’s search engine determines if your content gets seen. Master SEO and hordes of viewers will discover your videos organically. Neglect it, and you’ll struggle ever getting found.

Search engine optimization essentially means structuring your title, descriptions and tags to match what viewers are searching for. This signals YouTube to rank your content so it appears at the top of results.

Essential YouTube SEO includes:

  • Compelling Thumbnails – Create eye-catching previews with bold colors and text to get clicks
  • Strong Titles – Your headline should describe the topic plus include popular keywords
  • Descriptions – Summarize the video in an entertaining way that makes people want to watch. Include relevant search tags.
  • Tags – Include the most searched for phrases and terms around your niche so you rank high off searches
  • Engaging Content – Viewer retention and interaction signals a quality video to YouTube’s algorithm

Continue researching the most popular topics and search terms people use when looking for videos like yours. Build your creative content around ranking for those searches. Your goal is to show up as that #1 video result that viewers click after searching.

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When experimenting with changes to titles, thumbnails etc, brace for an initial view dip as the algorithm recalibrates. But stick with what generates positive results over the first few days. 

4 – Promotion & Social Media

YouTube Promotions

Finally, aggressive promotion across platforms expands your reach exponentially. Crafting great videos is just the first step – you need to blast them everywhere to drive viewers to actually watch.

Promotional options include:

  • Share new videos across your social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Ask networks of friends and family to share too. 
  • Upload short clips across various platforms like TikTok to raise interest and drive traffic back to full videos
  • Comment on other popular YouTube channels in your niche, highlighting your relevant videos 
  • Collaborate with similar creators for cross-promotion and shoutouts
  • Run YouTube video ads to get content seen by more potential subscribers
  • Leverage external websites, newsletters and email lists directing people to videos

The goal is saturating your presence across the internet to reach as many ideal viewers as possible. It’s not enough to just craft excellent videos. You need to relentlessly promote so the right audience discovers your YouTube channel. 

The more new people exposed to your content, the faster you build your tribe of loyal subscribers.


Building a successful YouTube channel takes tremendous time and sustained effort. But for those creating entertaining or helpful videos that people love, the platform offers life-changing passive income potential.

Focus on nailing the 4 factors above while continually improving production quality and volume. Growth typically starts very slowly, but remains persistent and consistent for the long-haul. 

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The more videos you have online, the bigger your passive revenue over time as both new and existing viewers continue enjoying your ever-growing catalog. Eventually you can earn from ads, sponsors, selling merchandise, fan-funding and far beyond.

Stick with it, have fun and you may just establish the next viral YouTube empire!

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