A Guide To The Equipment Needed For Producing Perfect Youtube Videos!

When it is about starting a new youtube channel, beginners often get confused regarding what equipment they actually need. That’s because youtube is not anymore a simple video platform like it used to be until a few years ago. With its increasing reach and popularity, youtube has attracted many professionals on its platforms from all the fields. These professionals produce much better quality video both with regard to its content and videography. Competition for viewers is high on youtube and if you want to make your place in the subscribe list of viewers, your videos need to be a cut above.

Good quality videos need to have content that can satisfy viewers, but it also needs to be good at videography. And for good videography, you will need to have some good equipment with you. Now there is no need to fear as good equipment need not be expensive, particularly if you know what’s actually needed. And we are here to help you with just that. Read on to know more!

1) Camera

Obviously, you need a camera to record videos, there’s nothing special about that. But what type of camera do you need? Typically, for creating good quality videos, you will need a camera with the following features:

  • The camera should have the capability to record in full HD on even in 4k, so that video looks clear and high quality and it also retains its quality even when you crop a small part out of it. Cropping is often needed while editing to extract a perfect shot out of what the camera has recorded.
  • It should have low light capabilities so that the video quality doesn’t get low when the lighting is dull or you need to shoot in low light. 
  • Features like autofocus and image stabilisation, so the video quality doesn’t suffer when you move. Also if you sometimes need to shoot without a tripod or you can’t afford one image stabilisation is a must have feature to avoid shaky videos.
  • Additionally, It’s great if you are able to see yourself while recording. It can be a camcorder, a webcam, a mobile front camera, or any other camera. It is a good feature to help you make sure that you are doing well. But make sure that you don’t look a lot at the screen. Instead you should be looking more at the lens so that your viewers feel like you are making eye contact with them.
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These are the minimum camera features that a YouTuber needs to create good quality videos. You may regard some features like recording in 4k and low light capabilities as less important, but they come useful when you don’t want to restrict yourself in some particular shooting environments and lets you be more creative. So you can use any camera that has these features. It need not be an expensive one and if your smartphone camera has them, then you can for sure use that as well.

2) Lights


Good lighting is really important for your videos because besides making everything in your video look clear, lighting also has a direct connection with the mood of the people. Any video with dull lighting will feel like a flavourless food to the viewers, while a video with bright lights and colours will spark their mood. Therefore your video should be shot in a good bright light set up around the actors. 


  • One of the popular types of light that videographers use is Ring light. Ring Lights are popular because they cast a gentle, even light across the face, reducing shadows and allowing colours to look as they actually are on screen. They are a must have for vloggers and makeup artists. 
  • A new addition to the lighting field is LED lights. They are lightweight and easy to move, produce no heat, cost efficient and there are varieties which produce natural white light. You can also consider using them.
  • If you have a light that casts hard shadows, you can use Softboxes.They come in a variety of forms and sizes, and their front is coated with a white, light-diffusing material. This diffusion aids in the creation of soft light with very little shadow.

AVOIDING EXPENSES: If you are short on money, you can avoid lighting expenses by shooting in bright daylight (preferably not under direct sunlight). Bright daylight with a good and open environment also has a good and natural feel to it, so it works just great.

3) Video Editing Softwares

Editing is of utmost importance in creating a great video. You must have advanced editing software that allows you to crop and trim videos, change aspect ratios, add text, filters, overlays and scene transitions, and has a good library of stock videos and sounds. There are a variety of video editing software available online Adobe premiere pro, filmora, etc. Go check them out and choose the one that suits you best both with regard to the features and cost. You must also learn how to edit videos if you don’t have this skill yet. Remember, good editing is not difficult to do, but it requires out of the box creativity.

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4) Microphone

You might wonder why you need an additional microphone when your smartphone or camcorder has a built-in microphone. But you must know that any built in microphone can give you limited recording quality. Further such microphones can only record clearly from up to a certain distance and therefore if you are a little far away or you are moving a lot while recording, then the audio quality may suffer. There are many channels on youtube these days with superb video and audio quality, and if you lag behind in any field, you may easily lose viewers. 


  • Shotgun Mic: These mics are very popular among youtubers and really good for interviews, podcasts, and for vlogging. They are directionally oriented and help you cut a lot of background noise while focusing more on the voices in front of it and in the close vicinity. However you can also attach a long wire to it and fix it above your camera to take it wherever you go.
  • USB Mic: These mics are best for doing live streams, or screen sharing tutorial videos. However they can be used for a variety of purposes and give a very clear audio output., But you will need to connect them to a PC or a laptop for them to be operational, so that kind of restricts movements. 
  • Lapel Mics: These mics are loved the most by the youtubers. These are small mics that can easily clip into your shirt and particularly with the availability of wireless options, they allow you  much more freedom regarding movement and still get a clear audio output.

AVOIDING EXPENSES: A microphone is still not an extremely necessary piece of equipment. It depends on the type of videos you need to make and in some cases, you can do it with built-in microphones. But remember to check the audio quality in your videos and if you notice the need for better quality, don’t hesitate to invest in a microphone.

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5) Camera Stands

A stand is used to keep the camera in a sturdy position. If your camera is not placed stably in a fixed position, it will give you shaky videos. Shaky videos are hard to watch and viewers may not like to watch them when there are a lot of better options available on youtube. 

  • Tripod: Tripod is one of the most popular camera stands. It can easily keep your camera in a fixed position, keep your equipment safe and also allows you to mount some other equipment like a microphone. It is also a lightweight and portable equipment and the best part being that it’s not something that you call expensive.
  • Gimbal: Gimbal is a rather advanced and a bit expensive equipment. A gimbal stand is equipped with motors and sensors that keeps your device steady no matter how much you move it. It can be hand held or fitted on a tripod and is best suited for those who need to move their camera a lot.

AVOIDING EXPENSES: If your camera has good image stabilisation features, then it can help you to get non shaky videos without a stand, but up to a certain extent only. You can also avoid a camera stand altogether if you record your videos most of the time sitting in one place, or you do videos like screen sharing tutorials, or similar videos that don’t need you to move your camera a lot. 

6) Backdrops

Backdrops are fabric or paper rolls that are used to provide background for your videos. When you make videos it looks good to have a clean, clutter free and bright background that also suits the mood of your video. And backdrops are the perfect choice for that. If you plan to buy backdrops remember that you will also need to buy a stand for it to hold it in place. 

AVOIDING EXPENSES: You can also find yourself a well set up room with clear and nicely coloured walls, or a natural surrounding with not much clutter in the background. If you have access to such places then you are good to go without backdrops.

Final Words

These are all the equipment that you will ever need to create your best youtube videos. So check them out, buy the ones that you need and get ready to win the hearts of a vast audience waiting just for you, with your superb videos. Good luck!

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