There is no more popular platform than YouTube, especially when it comes to sharing content via video visuals. Also, lots of YouTube channels are emerging, so it is important for the YouTube owner to maintain a good engagement rate for a number of reasons.

The engagement rate involves a lot of factors like comments, shares, likes and dislikes, views, and other such factors. But of them all, the likes are considered the most important metric on YouTube, more than comments or shares, and many YouTube channel owners are trying hard to get likes for the channel.

Let’s see how likes play an important role in the ranking metric on YouTube, and what the other metrics available are.

How likes are considered the important ranking metric on YouTube?

YouTube uses three different types of algorithms, and each algorithm is using different metrics. The first algorithm finds suitable videos for use when he searches on youtube, the second algorithm finds out the suitable recommended videos, and the third determines the next video to play.

Here, YouTube likes are considered the important ranking metric for all three algorithms and help to choose which video to highlight. If the video has more likes, then it will appear more on the search result page.

It’s not very difficult to get likes if your content is good, so it’s a great way boost your channel engagement rate in a shorter time. In fact, when compared to the other metrics, YouTube likes are one of the simplest ways of increasing the engagement of your channel. So easy that is even possible to buy youtube likes online.

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What happens if your channel gets more likes?

YouTube likes show that people like your content and it will even show what kind of specific video people are expecting from the channel. The various benefits of Youtube like are mentioned below in detail:

  • Viewers will have a perception that a video with a lot of likes on Youtube will always have the best content. So, this will make more people watch your video, and the traffic to your channel will get an increase
  • If your content is getting more likes, then people think that you have tried something new which is not on other channels. They will end up watching the videos
  • If your video has more likes, then your video will get on the search result page
  • If you have more likes, then it will eventually lead to more viewers, and finally, you will have social power on Youtube.
  • Creative content and engaging with the audience will help you to get more likes

10 other common ranking metrics on YouTube:

Even though YouTube likes are considered an important ranking metric on YouTube, still there are other metrics that will also help you to increase the engagement rate. Here are the other metric factors that YouTube channel owners should consider;

  • Views

Views are considered the main ranking metric on YouTube. It simply includes the number of views that your videos get from viewers. Just like likes, a video with a large number of views has an increased authority on the platform.

  • Watch time

Watch time is the total amount of time which is spent by the users to watch your videos. If you video is of 10 minutes, but a viewer has watched it only for 4 minutes, that 4 minutes will be counted as watch time. It elevates the YouTube channel and video in the search results with higher watch time.

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  • Audience retention

Audience retention will show the percentage of viewers who watched and leave your video at every single moment of the video. It elevates the video that has higher audience retention in the search ranking and suggestions. Even you can find what makes the audiences bored by analyzing the audience retention graph.

  • Average view duration

This is the percentage of each video the average viewer watches, and it will measure the video’s ability to hold the viewer’s attention entirely. If your videos are on average 10 minutes long and most of your viewers leave after 6 minutes, then your Average Percentage of Views is 60%. If your videos don’t cover the attention of people, then they will have an unimpressive average view duration. If your video holds higher attention of people, then YouTube will reward you with a higher ranking and recommendation on the search result page.

  • Impressions click-through rate

This impression click-through rate is used to measure how often a viewer will watch your video after seeing an impression on YouTube. If you get a lot of traffic and impressions for your video but do not get any clicks then you need to customize your thumbnail and also add a more attractive title.

  • Engagement

Engagement includes a lot of things like comments, and shares, and even includes likes and dislikes. It will show a clear picture of the video’s emotional effect on the viewers. This will help you to pick a topic that will attract a wider range of audiences.

  • Average views per viewer

Average views per viewer show how many a viewer watches your video on average. If your video generates more unique viewers, then you will get better engagement. Your content will start to see a bump in the rankings. 

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Likes play a huge role if you are running a YouTube channel, as it serves as the basic proof of engagement for your YouTube channel and how much users appreciate your content. Even though it is considered an effective ranking metric on YouTube, still you need to pay attention to other metrics, so that your channel will get to fame more easily.

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