Earn Income in the Groundbreaking Chainers Metaverse

Unlock Your Creative Potential and Earn Income in the Groundbreaking Chainers Metaverse

What are Chainers?


Chainers, an exciting new online game, provides real money awards. Chainers is a game that allows players to earn money. 

Chainers develops blockchain technology. The technology behind Bitcoin and other digital currencies is called blockchain, which you might be familiar with if you’re into crypto. All Chainers transactions are recorded using Solana, a blockchain.

Chainers runs in your browser. You can play the game with an internet connection and a phone, tablet, or computer.

Getting Started with Chainers


Free NFTs are given to Chainers newcomers daily. NFT means non-fungible token. You can conceive of an NFT as a personal digital item. 

In Chainers, NFTs allow you to unlock different characters, equipment, abilities and other things to help you play. The free daily NFT makes it easy for anyone to check out Chainers without having to spend money right away.

As you play more, you can also buy additional NFT cards to build up your collection. Having better NFT cards makes it possible to earn more rewards over time. We’ll explain more about earning rewards soon.

Key Features of Chainers

Ingame currency

After learning how Chainers works, let’s examine its most notable features:

In-Game Currency

All players earn an in-game currency called $FRI. You can use $FRI to purchase power-ups, cosmetic items like clothing/armor, building materials and more. Building materials are used to create things like houses, castles and even whole cities! 

Play-to-Earn Model

Chainers is considered a “play-to-earn” game because your actions directly earn you $FRI coins. As mentioned before, these coins have real monetary value. So by playing Chainers, you are literally getting paid for your time.

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Player-Driven Economy

Because $FRI coins can be bought/sold outside the game, it creates a working economy driven by players. For example, you can sell a rare NFT weapon you find to another player who wants it. Or use your $FRI coins to buy building materials from someone else. This economy allows for some amazing possibilities.

Create & Sell Assets

Chainers lets you craft custom 3D assets like clothing items, furniture, vehicles and structures. You can use these assets yourself or sell them to other players for $FRI coins and even real money! This gives you a way to leverage your creativity for profit.

Community Governance

An exciting aspect of Chainers is the community drives decisions about future game development. Through forums and polls, the most active players get to guide the direction of Chainers moving forward. So in many ways, the players help mold the game world itself.

Benefits of Playing Chainers

make money

It should be clear by now that Chainers offers some unique benefits compared to normal video games:

Make Money for Your Time

This is the ultimate benefit – you make real money just by playing. The more time/effort you invest, the more $FRI coins and rare NFT items you can earn. Some players even do Chainers full time as their job!  

Of course, you need to enjoy the actual game for this to work. But if you like the idea of adventuring in a digital world and being rewarded for it, the earning potential is real.

Win Free NFTs Daily

Logging in daily allows you to claim a free NFT with varying rarity. These NFTs are more than just collectibles – they offer in-game advantages and can grow in value over time. So even if you only play casually, be sure to grab your daily NFT prize.

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Express Your Creativity

For artistic players, Chainers offers unlimited creative opportunities. You can design custom structures, vehicles, clothing and more. Other players may even pay you real money for your unique digital creations!  

Influence the Game Itself

Having an actual say in future game developments is a rare thing in gaming. Because Chainers values community feedback so highly, you may help steer the course of updates and new features. It is an exciting way to watch the world evolve around you.

Getting Started with Chainers

Becoming part of the Chainers universe is free and easy to get started. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Chainers.io and create a free account 
  2. Explore the starter zone to understand gameplay basics
  3. Claim your daily free NFT to begin building up your collection 
  4. Engage with welcoming community members for guidance/advice
  5. Have fun adventuring, crafting your own assets and contributing to the player economy!

As mentioned earlier, one of the great things about Chainers is you can play casually, or dive in deep and even play full-time. So whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours available, there are engaging ways to pass time in this digital metaverse – all while earning income!


For anyone looking to explore the play-to-earn gaming revolution, Chainers represents an exciting new frontier. Combining the best of community-driven MMORPGs with real income potential, the possibilities are wide open.

Will you focus on amassing rare NFTs and artifacts? Or pour creative passion into crafting custom structures and clothing to sell? Maybe even help lead the community by being an active contributor of feedback and ideas?

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However you choose to play, Chainers empowers you to leverage your effort into earning. And participating early on can lead to massive growth if the game continues ascending in popularity.

Ready to give it a try and see what possibilities await? The portal to Chainers is always open at Chainers.io. Adventure, create and earn today within this player-powered metaverse!

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