How To Write Effective Titles For Your Youtube Videos?

Titles are as important for your youtube videos as the quality of the video itself is. Whatever great content is inside your video is hidden to the viewers as long as they don’t watch the video. But the title is visible to them all the time as they browse youtube for the videos relevant to them. The title of your videos is the first impression of your video to the viewers. The title tells the videos about the content of the video and lets them decide whether it is relevant to them or not. The title gives them the impression of whether the video will be interesting to watch and worth their time or not. Thus, the title is an important factor in deciding whether the viewers are watching their viewers or not. 

Sighting the importance of good titles to grow your youtube channel, let us discuss some of the most important tips that will help you write a fantastic and high click generating title for your youtube videos. Keep reading as we discuss them one by one.

1) What And How To Write?

Titles For Your Youtube Video

The title should be written in such a way that it reveals the most important and/or interesting part of your videos. It doesn’t mean that it should reveal too much about your video. Instead, you should keep the main part hidden and just give the viewers a hint of what the content is, and write in such a way that arouses the curiosity of the viewers and make it sound interesting at the same time. 


If yours is a science channel and you just made a video on the role that Jupiter plays for earth’s safety, what title would you write? You can write it like “what would happen if Jupiter had not been here?” but many people may not be interested in knowing about Jupiter’s importance, so they won’t watch the video. 

Instead, if you write the title like “If Jupiter Disappeared, So Would Life On Earth” it sounds interesting and also arouses the curiosity of the viewers about what Jupiter has to do with life on earth. Do you see a trick here? The title first reveals a small thing, that without Jupiter, life on Earth will go away, and by revealing this small thing, it arouses a bigger curiosity in our minds that how is it possible.

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2) Mind The Length Of The Title

Your title should neither be too long nor too short. If your title is too short, it won’t be able to explain anything properly. On the other hand, if your title is too long, people won’t read it fully. Also, a long title won’t be fully visible on the search result page. 

But what should be the optimal length of the title? Youtube provides you with a space of 100 characters to write your title. But that is long and if you write that much, later parts of your title won’t be visible. The search results page has space enough only to show around 70 characters. So if you want your title to be visible, write no more than that.

Ideally, the length of the title should be between 40-60 characters. This length is long enough to explain the content and arouse viewers’ interest as well as short enough to not bother the viewers about reading it. Our title in the above example “If Jupiter Disappeared, So Would Life On Earth” is a title of ideal length as it has 46 characters.

3) Add Important Keywords

The keyword here means those terms which people input in search engines to search for a particular topic or thing. If you include those search terms of keywords in your, you become more likely to show up in search results, thereby getting more views. 

Before writing your title search for these keywords using various keyword research tools available online like ahref, vidiq etc. And then write your title based on that keyword. Also, try to place keywords towards the beginning of your title as it increases its chances of being found by search engines.

PRACTICAL GUIDE: Imagine yours is a youtube channel that makes videos on makeup. You came up with a new video that is about easy tricks for everyday makeup. And you write the title simply as “best and easy tricks for your everyday makeup”. But if you search for makeup related keywords you find that “makeup tutorial” is a highly popular keyword. Therefore it is better to rewrite the title using this keyword. You can do it as “Easy Makeup Tutorial | 5 AMAZING Tricks For Everyday Makeup”.

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4) Include Some Power Words

Language is a means of communication and we use words to express each part of what we want to say. There are tens of thousands of words in the English language, but some of them are considered more powerful than others. This is so because the meaning and the sense that those words convey generate strong psychological responses in humans. In simple words, power words are those words that are more influential or persuasive than normal words. 

Compare these two sentences for example, “I like dark chocolates” versus “I have a craving for dark chocolates”. Both have the same meaning but certainly, the second sentence shows a stronger emotion towards dark chocolates by using the word “craving”, and that’s a power word. Similarly, you should use power words in your title to make them more influential to the viewers. Check here on google to know more about them. In our makeup title “Easy Makeup Tutorial | 5 AMAZING Tricks For Everyday Makeup”, “easy’ and “amazing” are power words.

5) Use Uppercase

It is important to use uppercase at some places in your title. What you can do is to Capitalize First Letter Of Every Word in your title. It makes the title look effective and at the same time enhances readability. Sometimes you can also capitalize a word or two completely to highlight them. For example “How to get WINDOWS 11 UPDATE on your desktop?” This highlights the important words of your videos and may help attract the attention of the viewers.

6) Put Numbers In Your Title

Making the use of numbers in your title is a good trick to grab the attention of the viewers. It is because numbers help our brains process information fast and organize them better. Numbers can also help grab the attention of the viewers due to the fact that amidst so many characters on the youtube page, numbers appear really distinct. 

Use the numbers wherever you can. But don’t force them everywhere because if there is another way to make the title more appealing, then you should undoubtedly use that. 

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If you write the Jupiter title as “5 ways in which Jupiter saves the mother earth” it might not work out really well, as again people might be interested in Jupiter. So in this case the title “if Jupiter disappeared, so would life on earth” is more effective as it arouses curiosity. But if you write windows 11 tiles as “5 super easy ways to get windows 11 update for your desktop” it may work well as windows 11 update would already be something everybody is interested in, when the update gets rolled out. You don’t need to generate a lot of curiosity here but just need to make the title look better. And numbers can do that pretty well.

7) Avoid Using Clickbaits

Using clickbaits in the title means you write something very interesting in your title that your video does not actually include, but you just do it so that viewers get fascinated and click on the title to watch your videos. This technique may give you some viewers in the short term, but you will eventually fail to grow your channel. Because when viewers realize that what you offered in the title isn’t there in the video, they feel deceived. They may remember your channel and may never come back to it again. If you are already very popular you can sometimes use this trick, but generally, avoid it. 

We leave you here with these important tips to write a perfect youtube title. We believe that we have covered all the tips that are important and if you follow them properly you will end up with a very good title for your videos every time you need it. 

PRO TIP: As a bonus, we have one important tool to share with you that can guide you in real time with your titles. There are many headline analyzer tools available online that you can use to analyze the titles that you have written and improve them accordingly. There are many available online so try them and use the one that suits you best. Here is however one tool for you to start with MonsterInsights. Good Luck!

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