Record fantastic videos with your phone (without spending more!)

Are you one of them who records a lot of videos but is rarely satisfied with the results? Then trust me, you are not alone. It happens with most people and all of you want to know how to make better videos.

Surely, it’s not that difficult to record something to publish online or capture memories to keep and share among your loved ones. But it’s always preferable to create incredible videos so that whoever is watching will enjoy them. 

Record fantastic videos

So, follow these steps to know how to record amazing videos!

Physical Requirement

  • Focus and Stability

They are crucial for making a great video, holding the camera still, and keeping it focused. However, nowadays, many phones have built-in image stabilization, which helps you keep your video steady, but you should be aware of its limitations and hold it still.

On an important note, if you’re speaking directly into the camera, make sure you look into the lens, not at the screen. Otherwise, your video will make it seem like you’re looking over your viewer’s shoulder.

On the phone

  • Use Gridlines

It always looks awful when the video is taken at a wonky angle. And adding grid lines, you will make sure that the video is aligned and straight in point of reference to the background. And if you are a beginner and want to shoot amazing videos, you should start with this one. To enable it to go to your phone’s camera settings and enable grid lines.

  • Use Landscape mode

It is the simplest thing to do: turn your phone on its side and then start shooting. The best advantage of it is that if you watch it on TV, laptop, or tablet, it will match the device’s orientation, which doesn’t work with the portrait mode.

  • Use Back Camera to record
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If you want to record anything, it’s preferable to use the phone’s back camera as the rear camera has better quality, high resolution, and more features than the front camera. So, it will give you a better result if you use a back camera.

  • Use effects available on the phone

Video effects are equivalent to photo filters, and they will look great if appropriately applied. Like Timelapse, which is available on iPhones which can work brilliantly if you keep your camera steady for a prolonged time over an area. Slow Motion slows down the time frame, which plays the video at 30 frames per second to give slow-motion effects to the movements.

  • Learn Basic Video Editing

There are many available options on your phone to edit the video, giving a woahh effect to your video. With these, you can do also just some basic editing to make it look more professional.

These were the steps to get a better result in terms of video quality. But surely also audio is significant. Would you like a video with no sound or bad sound? Surely not, so let’s see how to improve the audio quality!

For Audio

  • Keep your phone on Airplane Mode to avoid message beeps and calls that can ruin your video sound.
  • Avoid external noises like white noise from electrical appliances, which can affect the quality of your audio.
  • Use a recorder or another phone as a microphone to record video on one phone and audio on another and then merge it to get better results.
  • Plug headphones in which usually isolate better the person speaking from the background.
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So, this will be all for starting better recording quality videos from your phone with no effort and lots of money spent on expensive phones or cameras. Keep shooting and get better with each one and follow these guidelines, which will help you get the best results.

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