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The Right Steps To Make A Youtube Video!

If you are thinking of starting a youtube channel and posting videos on it, you should know that, when posting video content, YouTube is the most popular video platform where content creators make thousands of dollars a day just by uploading videos. Therefore being one of the popular youtube channels will not be easy for you. There is stiff competition for audiences on youtube and only those who make great videos will stand out. If you’ve made your mind to start creating YouTube videos, this article will benefit you.

Strategy to make videos

Starting to create videos is not as easy as it may seem: it requires a step-by-step content plan for the video, a well-thought-out strategy, and an understanding of the ultimate purpose of your clips. 

Here is the step by step instructions on how to make a youtube video


  • First of all, create a youtube video strategy for your video.
  • Then use unique keywords to make sure your video is found on youtube
  • Find ideas and topics for your video to reach the targeted audience
  • Understand the youtube equipment and tools for beginner
  • Learn the first youtube video you should upload to create an attractive first impression
  • Set up your video recording relevant to the lighting, content, and other related things
  • Edit your video to remove unwanted disturbance and make them more appealing
  • Make a final check whether the video is ready to upload, then upload your video on Youtube
  • Optimize your video for youtube.

Tips for making better videos

Pick a topic relevant to your interest

The first thing every YouTuber has to do is figure out what the future videos (or even the entire channel) will be about. Bringing up a trendy topic won’t make your videos more popular if you’re not really into it. If you don’t have good knowledge of and interest in the topics of your videos, the audience can sense it, and won’t take enough interest in your content. Making videos on the area of your expertise and interest will keep your enthusiasm level high which will eventually reflect in your videos.

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Know who your audience is

After you are done with choosing the topic, it’s time to explore who will be your audience. For whom will you be making videos, and what are your viewers interested in? Making the right kind of videos, specific to the interest of your audience will help you to build a strong connection with your audience.

Include your unique style and format

Make A Youtube Video

To make videos that people will remember and watch over and over again is by including your narrating skills into the content of the video, and it is best to remain true to yourself and not change your personality dramatically. The audience likes it the most when you put your true self in front of them.

Perform competitor research for your video

Look at how your competitors are using video content in their marketing strategy, and use them as a source of inspiration to create content for your video. Create a list of your competitors who create content similar to yours and then compare them with your videos so that you can update your content according to the market.

Perform keyword research for your video

YouTube keyword research is an SEO tactic you can use to find the best search terms to include in your video content. Start with creating some unique keywords to keep it optimized to appear in the search results when somebody searches for something related to your video.

Choose the right editing software.

Editing is a crucial step in creating a compelling video. So, choose the right editing software to edit your video before uploading. There is plenty of free or affordable video editing software available on the internet. If editing isn’t in your wheelhouse, you can also hire an outside company or freelance video editor to edit to give your video a professional look.

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