Use Right Colors In Your Videos

Use Right Colors In Your Videos | 5 Psychology Based Tips!

Colours play an essential role in our daily lives and in the videos we watch, too. This is due to the fact that the first thing our eyes see when they encounter anything is their colour. Colours are so evident that our brains are able to analyse and comprehend them immediately, unlike other visual details. Each hue evokes a certain emotion in us. As a result, every decision we make is influenced by our perception of colours. That’s also true when it comes to watching videos. So let’s see the process that can help you find the right colours for your target audience.

1. Know about each color first

Every colour has its own meaning and significance. It means that every colour makes us feel different and can generate a particular behavioural response in us. Thus it is very important for you to understand the effect of each colour on human behaviour. We have mentioned in detail about each colour in a separate article. Read it here.

2. Create a colour scheme

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A stunning video needs stunning colours. After you have picked the right colours for your audience, make sure to compliment them with the right accent colours. Combine colours that will blend seamlessly with their counterparts, as well as other colour combinations that will elicit an excited response from your audience. Create your very own colour scheme with all that, to be used in all your videos.

3. Get to know your target market

Any organisation must have a clear understanding of its target market. One of the most common marketing blunders is assuming things about what your target audience loves and wants without conducting thorough research. The same may be said about your videos. 

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Make sure your colour selection is reasonable and appropriate. Consumer colour preferences study shows that the reaction to colour appropriateness is more significant than the particular colour itself. If the colour scheme of your video and items is off, you’re unlikely to obtain significant results. 

You need to choose a hue that is appropriate for your target demographic. Will your target audience find a particular hue to be appropriate for your videos? The objective is to figure it out. And it requires studying their preferences and behaviour patterns. Do a comprehensive background investigation on your target demographic. Determine precisely the perfect colours for your videos that will assist captivate your audience, in accordance with what your purpose for your video is- promoting a product or service, or something else. A person’s surroundings and cultural perception also have a significant impact in determining colour appropriateness and developing colour preferences. So you pay attention to these details as well.

4. Maintain consistency

Effective branding requires consistency. People’s experiences with brands become more consistent and pleasant when they know what to expect. This is true for videos as well. According to research on the brain’s response to product branding, the human brain favours companies that are instantly identifiable. Stay consistent with your colour selections to have your videos recognised at a glance.

Pick a colour scheme or a feature that will set your videos apart. The more frequently you employ similar colours and patterns in your videos, the deeper the link between them.

Take a peek at National Geographic’s video branding. Yellow is used by National Geographic in their social media videos.   You don’t even have to read the video’s title to figure out that it was produced by National Geographic. Thanks to yellow colours on the thumbnails of their films!

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5. Use Color to Communicate Your Message

Colours are more than simply aesthetic accents in your videos. They are capable of transmitting the message that you have put into them. What is your video’s purpose? Colours may help you achieve your aim of demonstrating your edge over the competition or showcasing a new product, whatever it is.

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