Ways To Earn Money From Twitch In 2022!

These days, if we talk about content, the one in the form of a video can undoubtedly be noted as the most popular content type. Videos are visually appealing and are capable of communicating the idea like a story. And that’s why not only the audience but also the content creators and marketers love videos. 

The increasing popularity of Twitch also popularized the video streaming among the audience. People liked it as they got to directly interact with the creators in real time. Today, with millions of people watching Twitch streams everyday, the earning opportunities are limitless. So if you are a streamer on Twitch, just read on, as here we are going to discuss the best ways to earn money from Twitch in 2022. 

Ways To Earn From Twitch

There are many ways to earn from twitch and for simplicity, we have categorized them into four categories. They are as under:

1. Sales And Promotions

A great way to earn on Twitch or from any social platform is to sell or promote products. There are many ways to do this:

Affiliate marketing

Earn Money From Twitch

You can earn a good commission by using the website to advertise the goods or services of other companies. Through the use of affiliate links, you are able to advertise items that are related to the niche of your streams. 

Brand deals

You also have the option to enter into brand deals with companies that sell items related to your streams and advertise their products directly on your streams. Influencer marketing is highly popular on many social media platforms. Brands are always looking for social media personalities to help them spread the word about their products and such a deal can be really profitable for you.

Selling your own merchandise

Selling your own products is also a good option to earn money from twitch streams.  For instance, some of the most popular streamers on Twitch have started their own line of branded merchandise, such as t-shirts, hoodies, accessories, and so on.

Selling Games

Games are a big part of Twitch and if you’re an Affiliate (more on affiliates below), you can earn money by selling games as well. Whenever you broadcast playing a game that is offered in the Twitch shop, viewers will see a “buy now” enabling them to buy the game in-game items. You will get five per cent of the money generated from the sale of games via your channel.

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2. Donations & Cheers

These are the types of money that you make when your viewers want to support you.


If viewers love your content and feel that they will want to see more of what you do, they can directly support you by sending money. To receive donations, all you have to do is to add a panel on your streams with some text or an image and link this to your PayPal, or similar accounts. 


Bits are a special sort of money that can only be used on the Twitch platform. But this feature is available only to those who qualify as affiliates on Twitch. Viewers may buy Bits with real money or earn them in other ways on the platform. They can then use those Bits to reward or cheer for their favourite streamers while they are watching them on Twitch. 

Although a single Bit only generates a revenue of $0.01 for the streamer, viewers sometimes tip hundreds of Bits at once. So if you have a lot of viewers, all those bits may quickly add up to a significant amount.

3. Subscriptions

If you are a Twitch affiliate, you will have the ability to unlock Twitch subscribers for your channel. Many professional content makers on Twitch rely heavily on subscriptions as their primary source of revenue. Viewers have the opportunity to pay a certain amount on a recurring basis in order to subscribe to your channel and get additional benefits, such as access to subscriber-only broadcasts, chat rooms, emoticons, and merchandise discounts.

You, as the owner of the channel, have the ability to choose all of the aspects of your membership, including the cost and the benefits that you make available. There are three pricing tiers available for fees including $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99 each month. However, it is the amount that subscribers pay. Twitch takes 50% of this money so you will get half of the price that subscribers pay for their subscriptions.

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Subscriptions depend on the audience you have and can help generate good and consistent income. But if your Twitch channel is highly specialized or has a limited following, it may not earn much cash for you.

4. Ads

Similar to YouTube, Twitch enables content providers to monetize their videos by placing advertisements on them and earning money as a result. However, only Twitch Partners have access to this function (more on partners below). If you reach this stage, this also indicates that you will already have an established follower base, which will help you earn more.

So if you are a Partner, you will have the ability to incorporate commercial breaks into your broadcast. You are only permitted to insert a maximum of three ad blocks every hour, and the average amount of advertising money you may make per thousand viewers is between two and five US dollars. It is the simplest approach to monetise an existing channel that already has an established follower base.

What Is Needed To Earn On Twitch?

If you want to earn from any video platform, the primary thing you need is a lot of viewers. The more the viewers, the more the earning capacity. The same is the case with Twitch, but we will go into some specific details. On Twitch, you can earn in several ways, and more earning options unlock for you as your viewers increase. Let’s discuss them in detail.


When you start on twitch, you will not have a lot of viewers in the beginning. In this case. In this case, you won’t be able to make a lot of sales, and you won’t be able to bag brand deals as well. Further, you won’t qualify either as an affiliate or as a partner on Twitch, so all those earning options will be close for you initially. 

However, you can still make some earnings in the form of donations, and you may also be able to generate some income through affiliate marketing. The option of earning through selling your own merchandise is obviously open to you, but as we said earlier, you won’t make any considerable earnings from them in absence of a good audience. 

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In this stage, by the way, your focus should be on increasing the quality of your streams and attracting more and more audience.

Pro Streamer

If you manage to attract enough viewers over time, then you will be eligible to become a Twitch affiliate, which will open up many other earning options for you. To qualify as a Twitch Affiliate, you need to fulfil a predetermined list of requirements. They are as listed here:

  • Have at least fifty people following you.
  • Have a minimum of 500 minutes of streams over the course of the previous month.
  • Have streams on at least seven different days.
  • Have at least three people watching your streams simultaneously.

You will be able to obtain access to three new kinds of income sources after you become a Twitch Affiliate. These forms of monetization include subscriptions, Twitch bits, and game sales.

You also have the opportunity to become a Twitch Partner if the number of people watching your broadcast continues to rise and they like what they see. In order to get this status, you will need to ensure that the following standards are met:

  • Each stream has up to 100 viewers.
  • You are regular, streaming at least 3 times per week
  • Your channel is in compliance with the terms of service outlined by Twitch.

Twitch Partners get all the advantages of Affiliates, with the bonus that Partners also earn a part of the ad income produced from their streams, along with some other benefits. 

Final words

Twitch is presently the most popular live streaming platform available on the internet.  Although streaming video games continues to be one of the most popular activities on Twitch, these days a lot of other niches have also become really popular on Twitch. If you are sincere about your work on Twitch and provide quality content to the viewers, then you will surely be able to use different ways of monetization discussed here to make some revenue all while having a great deal of fun.

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