What is the most liked comment on youtube?

Youtube is one of the most popular social media platforms where millions of people are watching videos for hours and hours. The users who upload videos on youtube are always sharing something new and quality content. This content may get popular but it’s not that easy to get popular on youtube.

The video which got popular on youtube gets a number of likes. But getting the number of likes your videos should have good quality content and more attraction to users. Getting likes on youtube videos is important but comments of users are also important like you want likes on videos.

Comments also play a very important role to get your video on top. We think comments are not important but youtube sees how the users react and comments on youtube whether it’s good or bad. This is most important for YouTubers because if you get bad comments on the video, you may see bad performance on youtube and if you get good comments then you may see good performance on youtube.

YouTube is a terrific way to connect with other members of your community and share your interests. Leaving funny remarks and comments is also an option.

The number of likes and responses a comment receives is a good indicator of how popular it is. The more likes a comment receives, the more likely it is to appear at the top of the comment list.

most liked comment

The comments which receive the most likes on youtube.

If you heard the name Seth Everman he is the man who commented “I’m the bald guy” on Billie Eilish’s music video for “Bad Guy”. This is the comment which was posted in 2019 and got 3.3 million likes. This was the first comment which received millions of likes. 

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After this, there was a 2nd comment which got around 2.1 million likes and it was posted by San Diego Zoo on the youtube video, ‘Me at the zoo’. 

Now the latest comment is by Carryminati on the video of YALGAAR where he got 1.6 million likes.

Do the most liked comments come from the most viewed videos?

So, the answer is Yes. The comments which get the most likes on video are performing very well and get a higher ranking on the youtube search results. Like the video of Billie Eilish has gained more than 1 billion views and now it has over 8 billion views.

Do the most liked comment on youtube get removed?

When you check the comments which receive the number of likes after a long time on youtube, maybe it won’t be able to be viewed. And you think it got removed but no the reason why that comment is not viewable is that the comment is no longer getting more likes. But it is not deleted from the video.

For example- if you check the video of Bad Guy you may not see the most liked comment by Seth Everman but that is also true that comment is not deleted it is still there on video if Seth Everman checks from his own account. 

But it’s still a question of why we can’t find that comment if it has millions of likes. You may also see that most of the comments won’t stick but it gets added on video.

Do we get an award for the most liked comment?

The answer is no. Truly there are no awards for most liked comments from youtube. But Seth Everman who gets the first 1 billion likes on his comment got the award because he tweeted to youtube about getting 1 billion views and asked for one golden award. And youtube provided the award for his achievement.

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So what do we learn from this?

Having a good and attractive comment on a video gets the video performs well on youtube. This also helps to grow your channel more on youtube. Also, understand that comments should be short, funny, and more attractive so that people should read and like them. Comment should also be relevant to video otherwise it is worthless.

By commenting, it keeps engaging users or niche communities on the video so that it will increase your video retention more and gives more value to youtube search results.

The most liked comment is the best example to get an idea of how to use the power of social media platforms to achieve your objectives.

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