What Kind Of Youtube Videos Should I Make?

Do you want to start your own youtube channel? Have you always seen that talent in you and now you have decided to do things about it? Do you want to get famous among the viewers around the world and earn money at the same time? Obviously, youtube is such a platform that offers you a huge viewership, and if you are talented enough it allows you to earn a lot of money as well. And that’s why you want to be the next youtube star.

But taking this decision is just a start. A long road to hard work, learning and improvement awaits you. And probably the very first thing that puzzles you is what kind of youtube videos you should make. Well, your worries are about to come to an end as we are here to answer all your doubts. Read on to know more.

We have curated a list of some topics that you can use as guidance to find the topic that suits you and make you the next youtube star. But before you go through the list, let us discuss a few points that will help you make more sense of that list. 

1) Find Out What You Like

Check out those things that you like or would enjoy doing. It is really important that you make videos of what you like. Building name and fame on youtube requires much more hard work than it may appear initially. And hard work won’t seem that hard if you are working on something that you already like doing in your life

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2) Find Out Your Expertise

Expertise is different from what you like. I like watching movies, and so do my friends. But you ask us about anything related to a movie – production, direction, acting, screenplay, scriptwriting, etc, etc, my friend knows about all of them. And I? – I just like watching movies and enjoy them. That’s the difference. My friend is an expert in movies while I am not. And if you want to grow big on youtube, you need to be an expert in your niche. Otherwise your journey will not be long. Therefore check those topics in which you have an expertise, or at least you can gain expertise by putting in some effort. 

3) Know Your Possibilities

If you have found some topics which you like and have some expertise in them as well, it’s great. You can now start your youtube channel. But from a long term perspective, you need to keep another point in mind. That is your possibility. What is the time available to you, what investment you can make, what other people you have to help in your work, etc are some of the factors that determine which topic you should select for your youtube channel These factors may vary for different topics. Some topics may need less time, people and resources, while others may need more. If you are doing youtube just for fun, then it’s okay to overlook these factors. But if you plan something big with youtube, then do consider these factors before you select a topic. 

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A Comprehensive List Of Topics For Your Inspiration

  • Personal Type Videos
  • About yourself videos
  • A day in life videos
  • Behind the scenes videos (behind the operations of your business, behind the scenes of organizing an event, or making a video for youtube, etc)
  • Opinion/Response video (your opinion on an event, or response on somebody else’s opinion)
  • Explain your own company/products/services videos
  • Knowledge and Guidance Videos
  • Motivation or inspiration videos (e.g., daily life, success, teenage taboo issues) and Counselling videos (e.g., deal with depression, setbacks) 
  • Career guidance videos
  • Teaching video (e.g.,a particular subject or crack a particular exam)
  • Exciting concept and fact videos (e.g., maths, science, philosophy) 
  • Explain events videos (e.g., historical events, current events) 
  • Current News and opinion videos
  • Mythbuster videos
  • Practical Education Videos
  • DIY craft videos
  • Tutorial and How to videos (e.g., using a product, installing a software update, beauty & makeup, graphic design, etc)
  • Life skills (e.g., changing a tyre, first aids etc)
  • Cooking videos
  • Dance videos (teach dance steps and show your talent also)
  • Health & lifestyle ( healthy food, workout, yoga, meditation and other tips)
  • Finance & investment
  • Music and Performance Videos

For those who are talented musicians. Make your own songs, perform them and upload to youtube. 

Travel Videos.

For those who love to travel. Make videos of wherever you go. You can also try exploring your own city and nearby areas in detail and make videos.

Gaming Videos.

For those who are expert video gamers, or consider them to be one. Make interesting gameplay videos, game knowledge videos, upcoming games videos, new games videos, game shortcut videos, etc.

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Review Videos, such as

  • Movie reviews, book reviews, game reviews, etc
  • New product reviews (e.g., beauty, tech, fitness)
  • Unboxing videos
  • Testimonials

Fun Videos, such as…

  • Jokes compilation videos
  • Short funny acts videos
  • Real life funny videos
  • News, gossips & rumours videos
  • Prank videos
  • Challenge videos
  • Magic tricks videos
  • Parody videos (make your own version of a popular song or movie scene)
  • Mashup videos (mix different scenes of different movie or songs or any video to create an interesting short video)

And to finish it off, a few more ideas such as…

  • Time lapse videos (slow motion / fast forward videos of interesting events/process)
  • Movie discussion videos (explain the story of a movie in deep, or create your own versions)
  • Top List Videos (such as top books, top movies, top games, top songs, etc..)

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