Which Types Of YouTube Videos Get The Most Views?

A phenomenon in the world of content is YouTube. Nobody could have foreseen how significant this video sharing platform would become when the first YouTube video, Me At The Zoo, was released in 2005. But only 18 months after YouTube’s co-founder broadcast his trip to the zoo to the globe, Google announced it was spending $1.65 billion to acquire the platform. This shows that Google obviously recognized YouTube’s potential.

Since then, YouTube’s impact and power have increased at an astounding rate. It even makes the claim to be the second-largest search engine in the world, behind Google.

Due to YouTube’s popularity, it’s more crucial than ever for brands and content creators to consider their video marketing strategies and start using this platform (if they haven’t already). However, it can also be challenging to stay up-to-date with current trends and know what audiences prefer to watch. In response, we are here.

Here are the YouTube videos that viewers are most interested in.

1. Kids’ shows and music videos – the most watched genres of all time

Every single video in the top most watched videos on YouTube is either a music video or a children’s song. Why? When you stop to think about it, both of these content genres offer practically endless replay potential. It’s likely that you won’t watch a tutorial video or even a vlog from your favourite content producer more than once, maybe just twice if you’re really into it.

On the other hand, music videos can be replayed endlessly. Many individuals just play the video in the background to hear the sounds without even watching it. Videos for children function similarly. You know how many times a child will want to hear their favourite song or dance before they become tired of it, if you’ve ever met a kid.

2. Tutorial Videos

Let’s all just acknowledge that we have been there. Every person with a phone has looked up instructions for a task on YouTube, whether it was making a recipe, making gazpacho, or about gadgets like how it works.

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How-to videos are essentially instructional videos that show YouTube viewers how to complete a specific task in a visual, step-by-step manner.

This is a perennially popular choice since it makes sense to satisfy people’s actual needs and curiosities. It’s also easy to make – choose a project that you are passionate about, gather practical knowledge and provide your viewers with a visual tutorial on how to do it.

3. Conspiracy – content that continues to engage

Conspiracy content will continue to be one of the most popular video kinds to thrive, despite YouTube’s efforts to combat disinformation on its platform. These videos are popular because they are entertaining and present a distinct viewpoint on current events. They can frequently be entertaining and safe, but regrettably, many content producers promote harmful information and prey on people’s worries and prejudices. These videos are still being fact-checked by YouTube, and any proven to be fake will be removed. Conspiracy films offer an easy solution in a world where it can be challenging to make sense of things, for better or worse.

4. Commentary

In essence, a commentary video is one in which a person discusses a specific subject and offers their thoughts or opinions. It’s similar to a monologue, either amusing and sarcastic or occasionally of the educational variety.

If you identify with the strong tone used in a number of popular rant videos when people criticize something, this is the category for you.

Another aspect of this is when people discuss their businesses, current affairs, or educate the public on a certain subject. Sometimes they share their personal experiences in a field, which might be beneficial to you as you advance in it.

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You can adopt this type of information in a variety of ways; the decision is yours. It receives several views in either case.

5. The “day in the life” and vlog formats – genres that appeal to our need for connection

Though vlogging is by no means a new idea, it still rules YouTube. Vlogs are helpful in fostering a sense of community among viewers and content creators (and even between audiences). Those who want to alter their lifestyle or imitate a particular kind of day can find inspiration in these videos. Vlogs in the “Day in the Life” category are particularly well-liked for this purpose.

Since vlogging has been so common on YouTube for so long, there is a lot of information available about vloggers. The statistics team at YouTube specifically examined more than a million vlogs to determine the most common beginning line, both globally and within particular YouTube groups.

In general, the most common vlog opening is “Hey guys.”

6. Comedy videos

Have you ever returned home from a long day at work just wishing for a diversion to lift your spirits? You can’t always just show up at an open night and hope to find a comedian to make you laugh. When you’re curled up on the couch with a dish of your favourite comfort food, it’s much simpler to discover them on YouTube.

The best remedy is laughter, therefore if you have even the slightest sense of humour, this may come naturally to you. A good sense of humour is appealing. But it’s crucial to be careful what you mock in today’s hyper-aware environment. Being sensitive and taking care to avoid offending anyone with your brand of material is always a good idea.

7. LEGO – the most watched brand channel

Rather than focusing on independent content producers, let’s examine brand channels in more detail. By a wide margin, LEGO has the most views than any other brand page. Its views are about twice as many as Vat19, the second-most-viewed brand channel.

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On its channel, LEGO distributes a variety of content genres, all of which appear to function reasonably effectively. There is instructional material available, such as the video that follows, which is obviously intended for parents and explains the reasoning behind encouraging kids to play.

Then there are new product launches and episodes of the animated LEGO Friends series. LEGO appears to have tried everything, demonstrating that there is no set recipe for success if you know your audience and what they could be interested in.

8. Top 10 lists

These days, a lot of influencers make such videos. Many of their videos focus on their favourite topics, like makeup or perhaps supper dishes.

Many educationally focused networks will offer their top choices for universities or academic programs. Influential travellers provide their best suggestions for vacation spots that can accommodate a variety of needs, including budget travel, solo travel, group travel, and family travel.

Simply put, lists have this way of making people think, “hmm, I must monitor this aggregation of another person’s interests.” Since “top” lists are all about people’s distinct preferences and celebrating who they are. You really can’t go wrong with them.

Final Thoughts

It can be challenging to stay on top of trends in any industry, but it can be particularly challenging in the video industry when platform algorithms and features appear to change every day. Fortunately, YouTube is particularly open to analyzing this data and sharing about what is trending across the network.

So, when planning your next production, think about the lessons learned from these YouTube trends and experiment with applying them to your own channel and brand. You’re never sure what you’ll find!

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