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YouTube Strengths: Is This Why YouTube So Popular?

There is no more famous website than YouTube. You can watch and share movies in other ways as well. In addition to YouTube, there are a number of other major video platforms that provide users with specialized tools. This article will examine YouTube in comparison to other prominent video-sharing platforms.


YouTube Popularity

YT is massively popular. Over 2 billion users visit YouTube every month. And many more people watch YT without logging in. It has become the default place people think of when they want to find or share a video online. 

No other video site comes close to YTs level of use. Smaller video platforms like Vimeo, DailyMotion, and Veoh get some traction but are used by only a fraction as many people as YouTube. The only sites that get viewed more are Google and Facebook.

So if reach is most important to you, YT is very hard to beat. It has the biggest audience by far. But that doesn’t mean the alternatives don’t have some advantages in certain areas.

Video Quality 

Video Quality

YouTube allows uploads and playback of up to 8K resolution video. However most YouTube videos play at 720p or 1080p resolution. 

Vimeo focuses more on high quality professional video hosting. It only allows uploads of very high resolution 4K and 8K videos. Vimeo’s player also offers better playback support for 4K footage. So if visual quality is your top priority, Vimeo may work better.

Many other sites like DailyMotion and Veoh also limit video length or resolution. YouTube offers the maximum time lengths for uploads at 15 minutes for regular users and 12 hours for creators with good standing.

Privacy Options


YouTube requires users to have either a Google account or YouTube channel to upload videos. Accounts ask for some personal info. All videos uploaded are also public by default. Comments, view counts, likes, and more metrics are shown.

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On most alternative video platforms, users can choose to upload videos anonymously with no account. Private video viewing options are also more common. So if you want to share videos more privately, other platforms provide better tools for that.

Advertisement Policies 

marketing policies

YouTube allows some types of ads on videos but has strict policies. Any video with swearing, controversial topics, or sexual content will not be “monetized” or allowed to run ads. Even product reviews or brand mentions are banned from running ads in many cases.

Other video services have more relaxed advertising guidelines in some cases. Online tools exist to download YouTube videos and reupload them elsewhere to try and earn ad revenue. Though this violates YouTube’s terms. Check policies carefully before attempting this. 

Many users complain about excessive, annoying ads on YouTube. Non-skippable 30-second ads that appear mid-video are common. YouTube relies heavily on ads to profit from all the free video hosting they provide.

Fees to Upload and Watch


Basic YouTube access is free for everyone. Users can watch anything on the platform without paying. And it’s free to sign up for an account to upload your own videos. This open access is a key reason why YouTube is so hugely popular around the world.

Meanwhile, Vimeo, Dropbox, and many corporate video hosts charge monthly fees for accounts. The ability to upload anything beyond a small test clip requires paying. And sometimes certain higher quality videos sit behind a second paywall too. So you must pay to upload and share videos in many cases.

Copyright Issues


YouTube’s massive size means lots of unauthorized uploads of copyrighted content. Movies, TV shows, and music get illegally pirated via YouTube constantly.

YouTube uses automated systems to detect and taken down copyright violations. But still the sheer volume means many slip through the cracks. Some users have had entire channels deleted after repeated copyright strikes.

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Other video hosts make fewer copyright exceptions in their terms of service. Strict screening and human reviews prevent more violations from occurring in the first place. This allows them to host premium movies, songs, and other content legally with permission.

Types of Video Content


The vast size of YouTube’s audience means you can find videos about literally almost anything. From music to movies, how-to tutorials to old TV clips and viral video memes. The range of content types is endless.

Other video platforms focus more on specific niches. For example, Vimeo caters more to filmmakers, animators, and other video creators sharing their professional quality work. Twitch is live streaming focused, centered almost exclusively around gaming content.

So on YouTube you can find everything. But competitors choose to do a few things very well rather than trying to be everything for everyone. Finding whataligns best with your video watching interests can help choose a platform.

Creator Support 

earn money

YouTube offers creators ways to earn ad revenue from their videos based on views and other metrics. YouTube also provides some collaboration, pitching, and monetization support to qualifying creators through its Partner Program.

However many creators feel YouTube’s policies are unfair or support is inadequate. Copyright claims, demonetization, poor communication, and unpredictable algorithm changes that impact views/revenue are common complaints.

Alternative platforms promise creators better revenue splits from subscriptions and views. Some also connect creators directly with brands for better integrated sponsorship and product placement deals.

Additional perks offered range from cloud transcoding of uploads to integrated shops for selling merchandise. All intended to empower video creators with more monetization and growth options.

The Strength of YouTube’s Community

strength of community

YTs huge user base means more comments, more likes, more shares, and more subscribers than anyplace else. Channels can galvanize millions of fans to create engaged communities of supporters around content they love.  

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On smaller video sites it’s much harder to build that critical mass. Your audience ends up far more limited. The ability to reach a huge audience and turn viewers into active evangelizing communities is one of YTs analytics and data available to track how individual videos perform over days, weeks, and months after uploads. Other metrics help optimize titles, descriptions, and thumbnails.

Most competitors do not provide anything close to the depth of performance data YT offers to content creators. Better audience understanding can lead to sharper user targeting and video ideas tailored for greater success.

Ease of Use

Easy to use

YT has worked hard to make their platform as simple to use as possible for such a vast ecosystem. Smooth interfaces for playback, playlists, subscriptions, uploads exist across devices and operating systems. 

Other video platforms sometimes overcomplicate things in comparison. Confusing menus and options hamper usability. Buggy mobile apps are also more common across less resourced alternatives.

YT sets the standard for intuitive interfaces optimized for first-time users. This works to encourage adoption and retention across a more mainstream non-techie audience worldwide.  

In Conclusion

YT stands so far ahead of any rival video site in terms of total users and usage that no one comes close today. However competitors continue working on ways to differentiate themselves in areas like video quality, creator support, and niche focuses. 

YouTube’s ubiquity brings huge audiences but also copyright headaches and policy restrictions creators dislike. Alternatives promise warmer community reception and better monetization of passionate fans.

Depending on your priorities as a viewer or videomaker, a smaller video site might suit your needs better than the overwhelming sprawl of YouTube. But for most casual users, YouTube likely remains the simple one-stop home for free online video.

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