YouTube Vlogging And How To Become A Successful Vlogger in 2021

Vlogging is a term that is much in trend these days, and if you are a YouTuber, then you might have come across this word a thousand times in just the past few months. And if you are among those who always wonder what this exactly means, don’t worry. we have got you covered on everything related to a vlog in this post. So read on and particularly if you are a YouTuber, then knowing all about vlogging becomes all the more important for you.

What is Vlogging? 

Vlogging simply means a video blog. You know what a blog is. Passionate people have been writing blogs on a variety of topics, and with video platforms like youtube being so much in trend, bloggers can’t resist themselves a lot. So bloggers are moving to youtube now. They create a video based on what would have been a written blog otherwise and upload it to youtube. And that’s a vlog.

What makes a vlogger different from other youtubers? 

There are two main characteristics that differentiate a vlogger from a normal YouTuber.

  • While both a vlog and a normal video can be on any topic, a vlog is more of a personal nature than normal videos. A vlogger is somebody who makes personal videos and has himself and his life as the main subject of those videos. For example a normal makeup video may show you the best way to do a makeup, but a vlog on makeup will have the vlogger himself doing the makeup, may be in his own room. And sharing with you a lot of personal thoughts, and all in a totally informal manner, just like you talk to a friend. 
  • Another important characteristic of a vlog is its regularity. It is common practice for vloggers on youtube to upload videos regularly. They may do one, two or three videos every week or some even upload new videos daily.  It’s like they can’t live for long without sharing their life and thoughts with their followers.
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Why are vlogs so popular?

A vlog, as said earlier, is much more a personal type of video than a normal video is. And the personal nature of the videos appeals to the viewers a lot more than a normal video. It allows viewers to establish a personal connection with the vlogger which makes them watch that vlog more and more. Another thing is that any video showcasing a real person is more appealing to the viewers than videos that just have images and sounds.

4 Tips For Starting A Successful Vlog

Now that you know what a vlog is and why they are so popular, it’s time for you to start making your own vlog. And here we will discuss all the equipment and tips you need to start your own vlog. Let’s start!

1) Get Some Essential Equipment

A great thing about vlogging is that you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to get started. You may already have what you need. Let’s talk about them.

  • Camera: As technology has become so advanced and rather cheap these days, there is no excuse for a bad video quality. People like to see good quality video and you must ensure that. However it doesn’t necessarily be an expensive thing to do. A smartphone camera can perform really well these days. However, if you can afford, you can invest in a good camera. Make sure it has a LCD screen that can be flipped to the front so that you can see yourself while recording, and it should also have an external microphone port so that you can record your voice in high quality.
  • Tripod: One of the must have equipment is a tripod. It is necessary to keep your camera still in place and avoid shaky videos. 
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YouTube Vlogging
  • Lighting: Good lighting is a must to give you a good video quality and a decent feel. If the lighting is bad, even the best camera will give a bad result. A good option is to record your videos in good daylight, but if you can afford and want to have the freedom of shooting anywhere, then consider investing in good lighting.
  • Video editing software: It is important to edit your video to get perfect footage and also to add various interesting elements to your video like text, graphics, animations and sound. You can find many good editing softwares online like Adobe spark or Filmora.

2) Develop A Niche

If you aren’t one of the most interesting and renowned people of the world, you will not be able to attract a large or even a medium audience based just on your charming personality. You need a topic that visitors are enthusiastic about and will come to depend on you. The topic should also be within your area of specialisation and you should be passionate about it. Your specialisation and passion will show in your work and keep you interested and eager to create fresh videos.

3) Identify And Interact With Your Audience

You should begin to determine your target audience after you’ve identified your speciality. Consider which people will be interested in what you’re offering. Make certain that your video, language, text, graphics, music and in fact everything is appealing to them. A vlog on racing games, for example, would have a completely different tone, visuals, and attitude than one on the delicate art of knitting.

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Another important thing is to interact with your audience on a regular basis. Be active on all the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and keep communicating with your viewers and followers. You should also be active on the youtube community by posting content there and replying to the comments on your content and on your videos. 

4) Have Valuable Content

It is important that you make such content that has some value for your target audience. If your content doesn’t feel valuable to the viewers they will not watch your videos for long. Your content should give some useful information to them, entertain them, motivate them or make them feel good, or all of them, but they should feel satisfied after watching it.

Final words

The time has arrived for you to begin shooting, so calm down and be yourself. People can tell when someone is acting like they’re not. So don’t ever try to do that. Also, don’t linger on trivial matters simply to make the video last longer. Say what you were thinking and then stop recording, otherwise, you can sound boring. Take a deep breath, click record, and speak about what you know while smiling.

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