Weirdest Videos On Youtube

The Weirdest Videos On Youtube!

The internet is a pretty bizarre place. Some web content is so odd that you’re left scratching your head as to how you could come across such a thing in the first place. And YouTube has always been a haven for these kinds of videos. When you search the deepest recesses of YouTube, you’ll come across stuff you didn’t even know existed.  You can find a variety of bizarre videos on YouTube. In reality, these videos come in a variety of forms, ranging from nonsensical to purposely disturbing, from humorous to odd and confusing, and often words aren’t enough to adequately explain them. And if you don’t know where to find the Weirdest Videos On Youtube, just dive into this article and find out.

Here are some of the Weirdest Videos On Youtube:

1. Body Art

YouTube video

This series of videos is actually an art piece, believe it or not. This particular piece, created by visual artist Oliver de Sagazan and uploaded to YouTube about ten years ago, is particularly noteworthy. As you can see, he frequently pours layers and layers of body art, clay, and various other liquids and other materials onto his body, and then waits for it to dry. It keeps on getting stranger as you watch it.

2. It’s About Lips

YouTube video

People were appalled at the sight of so many people taking part in a challenge that had the potential to cause such serious damage to their faces. I was taken aback by the fact that such a seemingly insignificant activity could have such a long-lasting impact. Everything happened as a result of Kylie Jenner getting some lip injections, which sparked a worldwide desire to have lips just like hers.

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3. Teddy Cycles

YouTube video

We’re at a loss for words when it comes to describing this video. Teddy bears are seen crossing the street and seated on cars in this tale. It’s an outright bizarre experience, and you’ll be left scratching your head as to where the time has gone. You’re also likely to be perplexed as to why you are watching such a stupid thing at all but you would still want to watch it.

4. The man of rubber!

YouTube video

This is a video created by David Lewandowski, and it is one of the strangest things you will ever watch in your life. Yet, it manages to pique your interest enough to want more like this.  He has developed a number of videos like this, each of which has received millions of views. The mind of someone who comes up with anything is beyond our comprehension.

5. Put up 100 layers!

YouTube video

One of the many trends that grab people’s attention was about placing 100 layers of something on their bodies and seeing how it appears. It frequently resulted in odd, eerie outcomes that were uncomfortable, perhaps repulsive, and possibly painful. In the video above, people have utilised a variety of techniques including makeup, artificial eyelashes, clothing, nail paint, and in this case, glue. We are all intrigued by this wasteful and meaningless practice as everybody was curious to see how odd it can look.

6. Feeling fantastic!

YouTube video

Nobody understands what is happening in this video.  However, this hasn’t stopped people from speculating and formulating theories, most of which are upsetting. The most widely accepted theory was that the video was created by a serial murderer who kills people in order to obtain their clothing, which he then uses to dress the creepy robot.  In reality, however, it was about an eccentric inventor who was attempting to create a robot to sing for his unconventional band, which was never completed. His project never got off the ground and he uploaded the video to YouTube shortly after the service launched, with no explanation.

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7. The Mystery Man

YouTube video

This is an animated video from the 1980s that tells the stories of Mark Twain through animation. It was a big video split into several parts. One specific part, which was uploaded to the internet a few years ago, became really famous. It was uploaded with the storyline that it had been banned from television. However as far as we know, the part was never removed from television or otherwise restricted in any way. It is, however, an extremely creepy story, and the bizarre clay animation only adds to the overall vibe.

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