How To Activate Donations On Twitch?

Donations are a great way for any streamer to earn money. While other earning options are only available to grown up streamers and those who qualify twitch criteria, donations are something that is available to anybody. It’s a great opportunity for a newbie streamer who doesn’t have a lot of viewers to generate revenue by other methods. However, if he has skills and he is able to impress the few viewers he has with his content, then they can actually donate some money. It comes as great support for the newbie streamer and he finds a new motivation to continue his work. 

Having known the importance of donations, you will obviously want to start receiving them. Twitch in fact offers several ways in which you can receive donations. All you need to do is to set them up. That’s why today, in this blog, we will discuss all the steps you need to take to activate donations on Twitch. 

Two ways to receive donations on Twitch

Twitch is a platform that actually promotes donations and that’s why it gives you special ways to receive donations. Let’s discuss them.

  1. Regular donations: These simply refer to normal ways of receiving donations. You ask your viewers humbly to support and donate and provide them with your Paypal or other account details where they can simply send you the money they want.
  1. Donations via twitch bits: It’s a unique method of donations that Twitch provides for those streamers who qualify as Twitch affiliates. Its purpose is to encourage viewers to donate while also making the process easy and attractive. Bits are a kind of money on the Twitch platform. Viewers may either earn Bits via various methods or purchase them with actual money. They may then donate these bits to their favourite streamer. 
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Steps to activate regular donations on Twitch

Donations may be easily accepted on Twitch with the use of Paypal. Using PayPal, a streamer has the ability to immediately accept monetary contributions from his audience at the e-mail address associated with his Paypal account. The streamer only has to create a link in order to accomplish this goal.

Way 1

It’s a common practice to just ask your audience to donate. You can simply include your address in your streams and in the chat box of your channel. Then all you have to do is to ask your viewers humbly during the streams and give them a reason to donate. 

Way 2

The better practice is to set up a separate donation button. This makes it look professional and more appealing to your audience.

Follow the steps below to set up your own donation button:

  1. Login to Twitch and navigate to your profile section in the upper right corner
  1. Open the “Channel” page from the profile drop-down menu and go to the “About” section
  1. Go to the bottom-left corner of the section and click on the Edit Panels option. You will find a box with (+) symbol. Click that.
  1. You are now in the new panel/button creation window. Here you need to fill in the title of the button, add your link and also add a description. The description can say a few words to inspire the audience to donate. You should also add an image to make your button look more interesting. 
  1. Once done, click the “Submit” button and your cool donation button is ready.
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Steps to activate donations via Twitch Bits

The Bits or Cheers system is the official method of donation on the Twitch platform. The process of receiving donations via bits is a little more complicated than doing it simply via a button. However, as soon as you become a member of the Twitch affiliate program, the Bits and Cheers function will immediately become available to you. You will just need to set up and customise it. To do that, just follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Navigate to the dashboard and go to “Partner Settings.”
  1. Find the “Cheer” section and click on “Enable Cheering And Bits”

Below this section, you’ll also find options for customising your channel’s Cheering experience. You can set it up as you like. An important thing to do is to add alert notifications. Therefore, both you and your viewers will be able to watch the donations flowing in real time, along with your comments to them. 

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