How To Make & Sell A Digital Piece Of Art?

Digital art is in trend these days. For a long time, people liked to collect rare and unique art pieces. Today, as the rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology makes buying and selling digital items possible; interest of art lovers around the globe is increasing in digital pieces of art such as unique images, animations, audios, videos etc. In such a scenario, if you are an artist or you have an interesting digital art piece you might also want to sell it. But the question is how to do it? Selling digital art is not as straightforward as selling any other product. It involves certain steps that you need to follow before you can sell them. So keep reading as we discuss all those steps one by one.

Before You Start, Know Some Important Terms:

  • NFT

NFT or non-fungible token is a unique identity attached to a digital item that certifies that you are the owner of the item. There is a problem with digital items that they can be duplicated, copied and shared across the internet very easily. Therefore it becomes almost impossible to know which one is the original file thereby making it not possible to buy or sell them. But we can solve this problem by generating an NFT for a file. NFTs work on cryptography based blockchain technology which makes it impossible to duplicate them.

  • Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital form of currency that is protected by cryptography, a process that makes it impossible to fake or counterfeit them. It basically uses blockchain technology based on cryptography for this purpose. To be able to buy or sell digital art, you will need cryptocurrencies. Because as of now, the platforms that allow you to trade digital art NFTs only use cryptocurrency for their transactions. 

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Know you have enough knowledge to start selling your own digital art items. Follow the steps mentioned below to get started.

1. Set up your digital wallet

To buy some cryptocurrency. You can use many platforms like Coinbase, Metamask, Binance and so on. Once you have some cryptocurrency with you, you are ready to take the next step.

2. Register on an NFT platform

NFT platforms or NFT marketplaces are the platforms that allow you to buy or sell digital art by generating an NFT for them. There are many such platforms available today like OpenSea, Rarible, MythMarket and so on. You can register on any of them. Then you need to connect your cryptocurrency account or digital wallet with this platform. This allows you to easily transfer cryptocurrencies between your crypto account and the NFT platform.

3. Sell your file!

Digital Piece Of Art

It’s time you can finally start selling your art. For that, you first need to upload your file on the platform. That file may be an image, animation, audio or video. Just upload it and set the way in which you want to sell it. There are several ways in which you can sell your item. One is to set a fixed price and let people buy it at that price. You can also set your item up for auction and let people bid for it as long as you accept a price and sell it. You can also decide on the number of copies that you want to sell. That is whether you want your item to be sold just one time or sell to 10 or 20 borrowers. 

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4. Pay the fees!

This is an important part of the step. You need to pay the NFT platform some fees to start selling your art items. There may be several kinds of charges that you may need to pay, like listing changes, NFT generation charges, transaction charges, commission and so on. Once you pay the fees you are all set to sell your art items.

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