YouTube Paid Video Promotion: What Services To Use? What To Promote?

There are numerous reasons why YouTube is one of the best platforms for building a following and making money, including the following four:

1). The number of users exceeds 2 billion. Every month, YouTube receives 1.7 billion unique visitors. Furthermore, YouTube users represent a diverse range of ages. This means that active YouTube authors can reach audiences of all ages, and that that same audience is very active on the site!

2). This famous website for sharing videos, YouTube, is the world’s second most popular website and search engine. This is significant because people use YouTube for a variety of reasons, including finding content that teaches them how to do things, entertainment, education, and news.

3). It is critical to consider the fact that there is a significant amount of untapped potential for financial gain. You can choose between YouTube’s official offer of automatically integrated advertising (ads before your videos), but also sponsorship, direct advertising, or selling your own products through your channel.

4). A diverse range of available content. You have the ability to create content on any topic, from time-honored videos to cutting-edge YouTube Shorts, and you have many opportunities to attract a large audience and receive a large number of comments, likes and subscribers.

However, in order to create content that is both successful and enjoyable, you must promote your channel on a regular basis.

On the web, you can find services that promote all of YouTube’s most important metrics, such as views, subscribers, and likes. Let’s start by breaking down the various metrics in order to develop your page competently!


YouTube Paid Video Promotion

Because this factor is strongly considered by the ranking algorithm, it is in your best interest to purchase views as soon as possible after publishing a video on YouTube. If you buy a promotion based on the number of views immediately after uploading your video to the site, you will rise higher in the search results and have more organic views because more people will find you that way! When users see how many views your video has, it piques their interest and makes them wonder, “What’s so interesting about that?

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The number of likes received by a video is an important factor in determining its overall impression. It’s understandable to be skeptical of someone who has a large number of views but no likes on their content. You can use services which offer the popular drip-feed feature for this marketing service, which gives you complete control over the rate at which likes are added to posts. This will greatly simplify the process of liking and sharing your video.


The presence of comments indicates that the audience is engaged. The algorithm is then affected by the level of engagement. The number of comments on your videos is an important indicator of how trustworthy your channel is perceived to be. Engagement is essential for ensuring that your channel is interested in maintaining its relationship with you in the long run. It contributes to the formation of a genuine community, one in which people exchange ideas and are interested in the next video, rather than just another YouTube channel. One of the best sites to buy engagement and comments from is LenosTube.


If not subscribers, who is responsible for all of the above-mentioned activity? If you have a large number of followers, new viewers will subscribe to your channel. When assessing the size of your channel and the success of your content creation efforts, this metric is the most important to consider. If you have many subscribers, it means your audience adores you and eagerly awaits new content on your channel. By utilizing online promotion services, you have the potential to gain from 15 up to 150 subscribers per day, depending on the providers, and with subscribers coming from all over the world. Furthermore, you must have a large number of subscribers before you can begin to monetize your channel!

Because, take note: To connect YouTube monetization, you will need:

  • At least 1,000 active subscribers
  • obtain a minimum of 4,000 hours of watch time in the previous year
  • Do not engage in any YouTube-prohibited behavior.

That is why, purchasing watch time is another thing you can consider. After purchasing watch time, you’ll be able to connect to YouTube’s monetization system right away. It is an excellent opportunity to earn money while doing something you enjoy.

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Observations from the live stream

The number of people using streaming services has skyrocketed in recent years. You can stream anything, from sports to concerts to events like mountain climbing and candlelight dinners. Streaming content is content that is constantly updated and in high demand. Users are more engaged during streaming, as evidenced by the higher number of comments and likes they leave. Promotion agencies offer a variety of services from which to choose, depending on how long your streaming will last. The services are immediately available! You can also choose the country from which your live stream viewers will be watching, in some cases. You may use SMM Panels such as TheYTLab, to promote your livestreams for a cheap price and have the promotion to start in a matte of seconds due to their automated system.

The “Turnkey YouTube Channel” marketing service

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to create an engaging and successful channel by utilizing YouTube’s Turnkey Channel services; you won’t regret it!

What is this YouTube Turnkey thing all about?

This is a service that will do all of the work that top marketers do with your channel for you! It all starts with an analysis of your statistics and metrics and ends with the planning of your advertising campaign. This service is provided by a platform called Viewsta.

What distinguishes YouTube Turnkey Channel’s various service packages from one another?

The Trial package’s functions were created for users who already have a YouTube channel but want to improve its performance and ranking. In other words, the Trial package is designed for people who want to try out the services of comprehensive YouTube promotion. That is, it entails the creation of a concept for your channel, as well as an analysis of the demographics of your target audience, the selection of SEO-texts containing key queries, and the creation of a design concept for your channel. It is a significant advantage that you are involved in the process and that we strictly adhere to your specifications.


Each new package includes all of the features from the previous package as well as brand new features.

In addition to the standard channel packaging service, the Basic package includes the functions of setting up an advertising cabinet, linking to your data, and running advertisements. These features are already built into the package.

You will already have a developed content strategy, cover variants for your videos, a header profile that is compatible with all types of devices, and detailed SEO work that includes not only prepared hashtags, but also writing descriptions for your videos with keywords, a selection of titles for your videos with relevant queries, and a ready advertising strategy for you. If you don’t have time to manage your channel, the Gold package includes more advanced design features designed specifically for you. For instance, you will already have a header profile.

All of these features, as well as an in-depth inspection, are already included in the Expert package!

Viewsta provides you with an audit, which is a comprehensive analysis of your YouTube channel. This analysis includes research on your target audience as well as a multifactor analysis that reveals the video’s current popularity level.

Site traffic analysis identifies the types of YouTube users who are most likely to be interested in the content you upload to YouTube.

Following that, an audit is performed every month to determine the channel’s strengths and weaknesses and to adjust your promotion strategy.

Following that, a decision is made as to which videos should be promoted first. Everything is dependent on the length of time the advertising campaign is commissioned, as well as the frequency with which content is updated.

Don’t fall behind; seize this opportunity to turn your account into a content bomb! Using YouTube promotion – as long as from good providers – will not harm your channel in any way. With a few mouse clicks, you can completely change the future of your channel, giving it new life and increasing its popularity. You should not be left behind and should plan a promotion right away.

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