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How To Use Youtube Analytics To Grow Youtube Channel?

YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform today. Because of its popularity, there is a huge audience who is ready to watch video content. That’s why YouTube is also the best choice of content creators and marketers to make videos. But this also makes the competition high on YouTube. If you are a YouTuber you need to be making better videos than many of the other channels on YouTube to be able to attract a considerable audience to your channel. Apart from traditional ways like making better videos and using digital marketing, another great way to grow your channel is to use youtube analytics driven by data.

When it comes to data, YouTube itself provides you with detailed data based analytics about the performance of your YouTube channel from several different angles. You can use this data to make your videos better in a way that they get more views. However, this task is not very easy for many YouTubers. Analytics are quite complex in nature and that’s why many YouTubers get confused about how to interpret them and how to use them for their videos. However, there is no need to worry anymore as in this blog we have explained easy ways to understand and use YouTube analytics. So keep reading as we explain various metrics one by one.

We will first see some basic analytics tricks, and later in this article, we will also have a look at some of the advanced analytics data and learn how to use them, which you can use to your advantage.

1. Subscriber Count

YouTube subscriber count simply gives the number of news subscribers total subscribers to your channel and also gives new subscribers gained over a period of time. Many YouTubers think that this is simply the subscriber count and there is nothing special about it. But if you use it in the right manner it can make a big difference. What you can do here is to keep a record of subscribers that you usually gain in a month, in a week and so on. Now if in a certain period of time you find that you have gained more or fewer subscribers as compared to a usual gain, you must do your analysis to know why it has happened. Maybe this month you tried something new with your videos which resulted in a lot of new people subscribing or leaving your channel. Based on the subscriber response in this month you can decide whether the thing that you did new is worth continuing or not.

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Use YouTube Analytics: A snapshot of the youtube analytics page showing subscriber count for the last 365 days


Views count shows the total number of views received by your channel on all your videos over a particular period of time. you can use the views analytics in a similar way to the subscriber count analytics. If you know the average number you received in a particular period of time then you can compare it with the present period. If in a particular period you find unusually high or low views, then you should do your analysis to find out what went good or bad in that period and make your future videos accordingly.

Use YouTube Analytics: A snapshot of the youtube analytics page showing views count for the last 365 days

3. Top Videos

YouTube gives detailed data on the number of views you have received over different periods of time and on different videos that you have posted on your channel. You can use view analytics to find out those of your videos that have received the most views from the audience. The videos which have received the most views are your best performing videos. Here you should do your analysis to find out what is special about those videos that the audience loved them so much and you should make more videos like that.

Use YouTube Analytics: A snapshot showing top videos based on views and average view duration for the last 365 days

4. Average Duration Of Views

If your thumbnails and titles appear interesting to the viewers, they will surely click on your videos to watch them. But it is not necessary that they will watch the full video. They may only watch for a few seconds or a few minutes and then skip your video without completing it. The average duration for which the viewers watch your video on YouTube is represented by this metric. If the average watch duration for your videos is low, then it means that your videos are not living up to the expectations of the people. That’s why they watch it only for a few seconds or minutes and after that, they lose their interest and leave it. Therefore you need to work on your videos and make the beginning more interesting.

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5. Impressions

The impression metrics on YouTube analytics indicate the number of times the thumbnails of your YouTube videos were shown to the audience. From this data, you can ascertain whether your YouTube marketing strategy is effective or not. If you have marketed your videos well and have done proper search engine optimisation then your videos will be shown more often to your viewers. You can try making changes to your marketing strategies and see how the impression metrics respond to those strategies and can make decisions accordingly.

Use YouTube Analytics: A snapshot showing impressions and click-through rate over the last 365 days

6. Click Through Rates

Click through rate or CTR indicates the number of times views on YouTube clicks on your thumbnails to watch your videos. This indicates whether your thumbnails and titles are appealing to the audience or not. If you have made attractive thumbnails and written intriguing titles for your videos then people will click on your videos more often. You should try making changes to your thumbnails and title writing styles and then see how your CTR rates change in response to that. This will help you make better decisions.

7. Top Search Keywords

YouTube is a popular search engine and many people search on YouTube to find the videos they want to watch. while searching they use a particular set of words which is known as search keywords. The top search keywords metric lets you know those keywords on the YouTube search engine which have driven the most traffic to your channel. This can help you understand what type of search terms people are using to reach your videos. Accordingly, you can include better keywords in your titles and video descriptions to enhance their reach even more. You can also use this keyword tool to find good keywords.

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