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At Top Of YouTube Search | How To Get Your Video There?

YouTube is the most popular platform for streaming videos. But what makes it popular for content creators is the ability to earn from advertisements and the presence of a huge audience. Due to these reasons, YouTube attracts a lot and lot of content creators on its platform, all of them fighting for the same audience views. This is why the competition is fierce on YouTube. 

In such a fierce competition, if you want to get your videos viewed by the maximum number of people, you need to be at the top of the search results. Because only then people will be able to find your video. On the other hand, if your video shows somewhere at the bottom of the search result, it will get lost in the crowd of endless videos and nobody will find it. So what are the ways to get at the top of the search results? Well, there can be many marketing steps you can take to get reach at the top, but one of the most effective ways to do it is Search Engine Optimisation. So let’s talk about SEO.

What is SEO on YouTube ?

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves making certain changes to the content of your videos so that whenever people on YouTube search for videos related to your niche, your video appears as the first result on the page. It happens because SEO helps the youtube search engine algorithm to understand the contents of your videos in a better way. And the better it understands your video, the more it will recommend it to the audience looking for that type of content.

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Top Of YouTube Search

How To Do YouTube SEO?

Let’s look at some fast strategies to make your videos search engine friendly.

1. Find good keywords

Whenever a person searches for something in a search engine he uses certain words. Those words are referred to as search keywords. Keywords indicate psychology and the word choice of the people. For example, when searching for something related to makeup, if most people are using a particular set of words, let’s say “makeup tutorial” then that word is an important keyword and you should use such keywords while making videos.

You can find keywords using a keyword research tool. There are many such tools available online both for free and for a fee. Find the one that suits your needs and budget. Then every time you make a new video, search for youtube specific keywords relating to that video subject. Find some high frequency, but low competition keywords and use them.

2. Make your title more appealing

It’s crucial to write effective headlines because they’re the first thing viewers notice. Build up your title around an important keyword so that your video pops up in search results whenever someone searches for that type of video. The size of the title is also important. It shouldn’t be too big or too little and it should adequately describe your video content. But remember to not divulge too much information in your titles, instead leave the reader curious. Also, remember to never make false statements about your videos in the titles. It badly affects your reputation.

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3. Don’t forget to write video description

It is crucial to include a description for each of your videos on youtube. While few people will read your descriptions, they are critical for SEO purposes. Write a description for your video that accurately describes it and includes all of the relevant keywords. 

In the description, you should also include links to some other videos of your channel which are similar to this one. This helps viewers of the current video discover more of your videos which eventually increases traffic to your videos. In fact, this type of internal linking is an important part of SEO and digital marketing. And in the case of videos, description is the perfect place to do this.

4. Change the file’s name

Not many people are aware that the process of optimising a YouTube video for search engines begins even before it is uploaded. There’s a reason for this: You should include the primary keyword or phrase for your video in its file name itself.

What this means is to avoid using a name consisting of codes and numbers like 948er0805ff.mp4, which is useless for the YouTube algorithm. Instead use a more meaningful name with the keyword, like “what-is-youtube-seo.mp4”. As a result, the youtube algorithm can tell what your video is about just by reading its file’s name.

5. Add tags and categories

It’s a good idea to tag your videos so that viewers can see what they’re about real quick. Tags also assist search engines in recognising the type of videos, which eventually results in viewers getting recommendations for your videos.

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Categories are also similar to tags, but they are far more specific. YouTube has built-in categories, and you may choose the category for your video depending on your beliefs. Adding categories to your videos is also recommended by the YouTube creator academy. However, you must be quite cautious while selecting the appropriate category. Putting your video in the appropriate category helps it to be discovered by a wide range of people who are looking for videos similar to yours.

Final words

The strategies listed above are among the most effective ways to improve your videos for YouTube search. If you follow these guidelines properly and regularly, your videos will undoubtedly gain in popularity over time, and your youtube channel will soon expand.

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