Make YouTube Videos On A Low Budget

How To Make YouTube Videos On A Low Budget?

Making videos on YouTube is no anymore a child’s play. Given the popularity of YouTube and the amount of revenue that it helps to generate, today many professional content creators are present on YouTube. These people take their video making much seriously and do everything they can to produce perfect and really appealing videos that anyone would love to watch. People today use very high quality cameras to get the perfect shot, they use expensive video editors, they use professional audio systems and lighting systems. People today invest a lot of money to produce perfect videos. But what if you are on a tight budget?

While it is true that with the help of expensive videography equipment and advanced video editors, you can make your videos look much more appealing, it is also true that those are superficial things. What people mainly like about a YouTube video is the entertainment that it can provide them and the knowledge that they can get from it. If you have great content, then there are many ways in which you can do things without spending a lot of money. Let’s learn about them.

1. Camera

Use your mobile camera. These days smartphones have really powerful cameras. Smartphones today come not only with a camera that has great resolution but also a camera that has a lot of features and functionalities to make capturing videos a lot easier. But shooting on a tight budget means that you won’t have access to professional videography equipment due to which your video quality may suffer. To cover such issues, however, there are a few tips for you to improve your mobile video recording. 

Videos On A Low Budget
  • Clear that lens

Mobile phones often remain dirty. We hold them in our filthy, sweaty hands for a long time and then put them anywhere. That’s why mobile camera lenses are prone to becoming filthy which can give you blurry shots. So remember to clean them properly before you begin shooting.

  • Use landscape mode
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Totally avoid the vertical alignment! Only platforms such as TikTok and other short video streaming apps benefit from a vertical orientation. If you’re making videos for YouTube, the vertical clip appears weird on all displays, and nothing is properly visible. So always remember to film your movies in landscape mode.

  • Avoid digital zoom

Digital zoom is not good as it causes the image to appear grainy. Optical zoom is now a standard feature on most mobile phones, so if yours has it, make use of it. Alternatively, consider moving closer to the subject to obtain a larger picture.

2. Lighting

Even Shooting with quality cameras needs good lighting. When shooting with a smartphone, the value of lighting gets even bigger due to the tiny lenses and restricted light detecting capabilities of mobile cameras.

  • Natural light

Therefore good lighting is really important. Your best option to get good lighting without expending a lot of money is to shoot in brightly lit environments. Choose to shoot in bright daylight, maybe beside a window, in your garden, or find a good place outdoors. 

  • Cheap artificial lights

If you don’t have access to natural light, you can supplement the lighting with a conventional desk lamp or LED lights. These alternatives are low-cost and can provide satisfactory results.

  • Reflectors

For a small sum of money, you can buy some reflector screens for use a white bed sheet, to focus light where you need it the most. For example,  when there’s too much backlight,  you may use reflectors to focus some light towards the front of the subject. Using golden colour reflectors, you may also create a warmer light with a golden hue that resembles natural light.

  • Some tips on using lights

When it comes to lighting, it’s typically advised that you utilize three lights: one in the left and right of the subject and one behind the camera. Also, for a softer light and fewer shadows, wrap something translucent over the source of light, such as a napkin.

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3. Microphone

When it comes to developing amazing video content, audio quality is crucial. A smartphone can offer ‘acceptable’ audio quality only when you shoot video in a calm environment and stand near to the microphone. Other than this, built-in microphones have the disadvantage of adding an echo quality to the video. Background sounds may also be heard much more clearly. Such poor audio might make your video appear to be of low quality. Therefore it would be wise to spend a few bucks on microphones. And they don’t come too expensive either. 

  • Lavalier

To make YouTube videos on a budget you can use a tie clip microphone or a lavalier. Even the most basic lavalier may provide far superior results than any built-in microphone. They’re available for purchase online for under $20. Just make sure the lavalier isn’t too near to your face as it will take up a lot of noise.

  • Hands-free device

There is another technique you may use if you simply want to make voice-over type videos. Simply use a mobile hands-free device.

4. Image stabilization

Shooting videos on a smartphone has the added advantage of being extremely portable. But this can also contribute to your videos getting very shaky. In fact, If you film the video while keeping your mobile in your hand, it is most likely to shake a lot. It would therefore be wise to make arrangements for image stabilization. Here are some budget friendly options for you.

  • In built image stabilization

Several smartphones have advanced camera features like in-built image stabilization. If your device has that feature, you should switch it on and it will help you record steady videos while holding your phone in your hands. But it may still have its limitations.

  • Household stuff
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To stabilize your videos, you may utilize bookcases, a stack of books, or any other sturdy physical support, and place your smartphone by it.

  • Movable stuff

You can also acquire rolling shots at a reasonable price. You may just use any movable stuff like a skateboard or a rolling chair instead of a dolly. Use a piece of wood or anything else you can find to fix the camera on the top of the movable stuff and your dolly is ready.

  • Tripods

Tripods are stands that are used to steady your camera. Smartphone tripods, which can be bought for as low as $10, are available for those who use smartphones to film their videos. 

5. Editing

When it comes to making videos for YouTube both editing images and videos are important.  First of all, you need to create good thumbnails for all videos. For this purpose, you can use a good graphic design tool. There are several free browser based platforms available on the internet today. Just search for them and pick the one that suits your needs. 

Similarly, video editing is really important when it comes to YouTube

You need to crop, trim and merge your videos. You need to add text, graphics animations, transitions, sound effects and to your videos. All the seas are important to make your video look perfect and interesting as well. Like graphic designing, there are several free video editing apps and browser based platforms available on the internet. Some of them also come without a watermark. Just search for them as well on the internet and choose the one that suits you.

Final words

The above mentioned are some of the best tips to make videos for YouTube in a cost effective manner. As long as you have great content and you follow the above tips you can easily make great videos for YouTube.

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