What Editing Software do YouTubers Use?

At this growth speed, everything is becoming advanced and more people are tending to share their life and information about a subject in the form of short videos on social media platforms. According to research, 315 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. You can watch videos in 76 languages, and they are available in 101 countries. Youtube is the biggest video streaming platform available on the internet. However, if you are also thinking about making videos and putting them on youtube, you should consider editing them first before uploading.

Editing is the most crucial part of video making, and you will require at least essential editing tools to produce captivating visual content which grabs the audience’s attention.

Before going further, let’s look at some questions that I guess most people have regarding the editing of a video.

What Editing software do YouTubers use to edit their videos?

The famous YouTubers use various editing software, but the most popular are the Adobe Premiere Pro CC, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, which are being used the most by the YouTubers. We will do a detailed explanation about the software later in this article.

What skills do I need to do video editing?

Essential software like iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro CC doesn’t require technical or design skills. All you need is your creativity and common sense of how you want to present your video. Rest, you need video footage from any device and a computer to edit them.

Why does editing need to be done?

Video editing software comes with tools that help you to convert file type and format, join clips together, re-sequence the clips, cut segments which are also called trimming, add special effects to your video, rotate or crop your footage, add other sound and sound effects, change brightness or contrast of the video and transition on your video.

What are the steps in video editing?

There are mainly five steps that most of the top YouTubers use to edit their videos that make their video looks more professional and transparent to attract a more targeted audience:

Step 1: Choose the Topic of the Video

Choose a topic that provides a solution to a specific problem so that your targeted audience will want to watch your video to solve the problem. Try to research first what problems your targeted audience faces to create a video about it to help them solve the problem.

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Step 2: Plan a strategy and then prepare the video.

Once you’ve selected a specific topic, the next step is to execute your video’s whole idea and decide how the video would look after it’s created. 

But, note that your main objective to create a video is to help your targeted audience. Then the entertainment and inspiration will count.

Step 3: Make the Video according to the strategy.

After you are done with the strategy for the video then, it’s time to start making the video, so before doing that, you should know there are some parts in making the video that is

In these three parts, every video needs to be made.

Video Intro/ Introduction of the video

Please introduce yourself and then the video topic you will cover and say it as little as possible. Keep your introduction brief and say what your audience can learn from the video about the topic, not about you

The main content of the video

Share your information and the best resources in your video for the targeted audience. But above all, share your practical experience and advice to answer that specific question to help the audience solve the problem they are facing.

Video Outro or End of the video

At the end of your video, give your viewers something to do, like asking your viewers how they find a video, it is helpful, or ask for their suggestions. Ask your audience to like and subscribe to your video and leave a comment, etc., to keep them engaged.

Step 4: Publish your Video on the Platform

Your video is ready to be published now, so it’s time to upload it to your YouTube channel. Make sure you add the necessary keywords and video titles and make an exciting and attractive video description.

How to improve my video editing skills?

To answer, you need to know which software will suit you best for you to edit your video, so we will discuss the video editing software one by one to choose from to get your best possible match and improve your video editing skills.

What video editing software do YouTubers use to edit their videos?

Adobe Premier Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro has been trusted by many of the world’s most famous YouTubers to edit videos. You might think that Adobe Premier Pro will be complex, but when you open it for the first time, a helpful tutorial will appear to guide you through to get friendly with the software.

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It has been said that it is the best pro-level software for editing videos for YouTube videos.

Let’s understand about it 

  1. Platform- It runs on Windows and macOS
  2. Payment- Subscription-based
  3. Trial Period- 30 days

What makes it appealing to edit YouTube Videos?

It gives YouTubers to customize both the video and audio of the content. And it works well with all types of video formats. It provides multiple sharing facilities so that if more than one person is editing the video, they can share their ideas and give out better results.

The tools on this software can save a lot of time editing the video, like the automatic audio & video syncing, and many more.

Cons About It?

It comes with a monthly subscription, making it a paid software for getting ready to spend your money upfront. And you won’t be able to access any files saved to the cloud while you aren’t subscribed.


iMovie comes free with all Apple devices and is used by many top YouTubers. This software is user-friendly, and most of its user interface is intuitive after you spend a couple of hours on it. If you are looking for a short video with good quality, it is the best option available, and it is also free software. However, if you have more complex needs, then iMovie might not be the choice for you. It’s perfect for beginner YouTubers trying to get to grips with their first intros, transitions, and filter selections.

  1. Platform- Mac only
  2. Payment- Free
  3. Trial Period- NA

What makes it appealing to edit YouTube Videos?

 It has a stronghold on editing capabilities, built-in transitions, and titles. If it is appropriately utilized then, these can give you impressive results.

Professional. It has quality special effect tools like time-lapse or freezes frames, which can be intuitive, giving your movie an artistic flair by applying filters. 

iMovie’s most significant appeal lies in its accessibility. If you’ve got an Apple device made in the last ten years, then it’s free to download from the Apple Store!

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It is very user-friendly, and you can drag and drop clips to the timeline below, and they’ve linked automatically to iMovie. You can Crop them, clean the footage up, or add transitions with a few clicks to make your video look appealing.

Cons About It?

iMovie is only available to Apple users. It also can’t handle more advanced filming techniques. 

Final Cut Pro X/ Final Cut Pro

Final Cut is one of the most popular editing software available on the internet.

It has an abundance of samples, effects, and titles that can achieve almost any desired outcome for your video’s successful editing software. Still, the software allows you to import your own if needed. 

The good thing about it is that it can handle complex editing if you are looking for complex editing results

  1. Platform- Mac only
  2. Payment- One-off purchase
  3. Trial Period- 90 days

What makes it appealing to edit YouTube Videos?

The Final Cut interface allows you to immediately know which asset is being used for, how it ties in with other parts of the video and gives you a quick way to locate it, saving time.

When pricing is concerned, the final cut is always the best option to choose from. It’s just a one-time purchase that will set you back at just $300. After that, there are no additional charges, and you get instant access to updates.

Cons About It?

Final Cut is exclusive to Apple devices. Beginners to video editing won’t have trouble getting used to Final Cut Pro’s magnetic timeline.

Are other options available?

Apart from this top-level software, some other software is available on the internet, which can get your editing done professionally. So they are


For those users who work on PC and are looking for free editing software, Lightworks is the best option to look for as it offers a comprehensive set of tools at no cost. 

Cyberlink Powerdirector

It helps a lot in combining videos, and this software is perfect for beginners in video editing. Once you are familiar with the tools, you’ll find that CyberLink PowerDirector doesn’t lag behind other premium programs.

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