How to Get Verified on YouTube?

Being verified, on any social media including YouTube, is something that most people seek as gives social proof and credibility.

Getting a verification badge is hence one of the most important things to be a successful Youtuber. Getting verified on YouTube can help you climb that rank so that you can walk towards your success and give you more credibility toward visitors and a bit of that “VIP status”. But, before proceeding further, let’s first understand…

What is Youtube Verification?

Have you ever noticed a grey checkmark or a grey music note next to a YouTube creator’s channel name or a YouTube artist? That’s what youtube verification is for. So, if your channel doesn’t have that checkmark, then your channel is not verified. It is a symbol of credibility, which tells the users that the channel is run by an actual human being or an authenticated brand or organization.

How to get verified ( mark)

To get verified on youtube, you need to go through specific processes to allow your channel to be verified on the Youtube platform.

  • Application for channel verification request: You can submit a request for channel verification once you have 100,000 subscribers in your channel.
  • The eligibility for the Verified channel is that you must reach 100,000 subscribers on your channel. After that, Youtube will review it for authenticity. It must represent the actual creator, brand, or entity it claims to be and then checks for settings that determine whether your channel has a banner, description, profile picture, and original content must be public.

To get Verified

  • Use different keywords and choose a unique and attractive channel name representing your content and the type of videos you publish. 
  • Use high-quality pictures as your profile picture, or try creating a logo for it to make your channel look professional in search results.
  • Customize your channel layout and branding to give it a personalized look.
  • Optimize your channel to give a professional look.
  • Upload high-quality content videos constantly to keep the audience balanced.
  • Encourage viewers to like, share, and comment on your videos to build your subscriber base. 
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After you are verified, you will notice that you have a grey checkmark next to your name. It means that you have officially been added to the list of contributors and that your account is now active. This verification process will allow you to build relationships with other subscribers and generate more revenue from your videos.

Getting verified on Youtube is very important if somebody wants to make money from this video streaming platform. But, it is not easy to get that little checkmark and maintain it. So, be consistent and keep creating quality content that will get you verified. And it might take some time, but it is well worth your effort.


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