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How To View A Private Youtube Video?

Youtube has become one of the most loved video streaming platforms. Because apart from having cool videos, it is stuffed with many great features and utilities that make both watching videos and being a creator/uploader very easy. Like many of its features, one feature that may feel irritating to some people is private videos. 

What are Private Youtube Video?

Youtube has several features to take care of the privacy needs of both the viewers and the creators. Private video is one such feature that is made to satisfy the privacy needs of the creators. Creators can set a video as private if they don’t want the general public to see it, but only want a few to show it to a few close friends or relatives.

When a video is set as private:

  • You can’t see it. Youtube will simply show a warning in place of the video saying that this video is private.
  • You can find it in search results pages.
  • The subscribers of the channel won’t get a notification, when a private video is uploaded by the creator.

2 Ways to View a Private Video

Private Youtube Video

Private videos are not meant to be viewed by the general public. Thus you can not watch it like you watch other videos. However, there are two ways in which you may be able to watch it. 

  1. Private videos are meant to be viewed by only those people with whom the uploader personally wants to show it. If you want to watch it, you can ask the uploader for the same. If the uploader wants to show it to you, he can share a personal video link with you on your email. To watch the video, however, you must have a youtube account and you must be signed in on youtube with the same account on which the uploader has sent you the email with the personal link. This is because the private videos  are shared with a particular id so that only that person can watch it. 
  1. There is another way which you may be able to watch the private videos, but it may not work for everybody and every time. What you need to do is to focus on the URL of the private video. Every youtube video URL contains the words like “watch?” and the private video URL also contains these words. You need to delete these words from the URL and then press enter. If this works for you that time, the page will reload and you will be able to watch the video!
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Final Words

The private videos are actually not made for general people to watch. So generally there is no need to be so excited about them and want to watch them. They may actually not contain anything that is relevant to you and that’s why they are private. But still, if there is some particular reason that makes you think that you need to watch that private video, you must try any of the above two ways. But prefer the first way more to the second way as it is better and ethical as well to watch a private video only with the uploader’s permission.

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