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Who Viewed My Youtube Videos? How To Find Out

In today’s age of information revolution, every YouTuber expects a lot of data regarding his youtube channel, videos and its viewers to be available to him. It is totally natural to expect this and youtube also knows this. Therefore youtube does present you with a lot of data about your channel. But the question arises that how and where you can find all the data. And what are all the kinds of information that is available? Some YouTubers also remain confused about how they can find about those who have viewed their youtube videos. However, there is no need to worry, as we will answer all the questions in this blog. So keep reading!

Where Can You Find Information?

You can find information about your channel and your viewers in your youtube channel studio. Just login to your youtube account and click on the circle in the top right corner. From the list of options that appear, click on youtube studio.

Viewed My Youtube Videos

Under youtube studio, you will find various information about your channel, organised properly under different heads. Other than this, you can also infer important information about your viewers and the performance of your video by having a look at the comments section of your video.

Let’s now discuss where and what you can find; and what you cannot find.

What You Can See:

  • Performance: You can find detailed data on the performance of your channel in the analytics section of the youtube studios.
Viewed My Youtube Videos

You can know about how many subscribers you have got,  how many views, how many watch hours, your growth over time for your entire channel and you can also find more detailed analytics for each video. All this is to help you make informed decisions to improve your channel performance. 

  • Subscribers: You can see how many subscribers you have got and even the name of every person who has subscribed to your channel. Just go to the dashboard and click on see all under the recent subscribers head.
  • Commentators: You can see the names of every person who has commented on your videos. Just go to the comments below your videos and if you click on their names, you can also find their youtube channel, if they have one of course.
  • Viewers: You can see how many viewers each of our videos have got. You can also see various demographics details like their location, gender, age group and so on. You can use this valuable data to make your videos more interesting for the type of viewers who are watching your channel the most.
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What You Cannot See:

  • Subscribers: The names of the person who have kept their subscriptions private will not be shown, yet they will be counted in total subscribers number.
  • Viewers: Youtube does not maintain any data of viewers by name. So you cannot not see the names of those who viewed your youtube videos.
  • Likes & Shares: As in case of viewers, you can also not see the name of the person who has liked or shared your videos. However, if you do a google search for your video by its url, then you can find every website on which it is shared and probably by whom as well.

Is Knowing The Names OF Those Who Viewed Your Youtube Videos Important?

There may be some petty or personal reasons for which you may want to see the names of your viewers or those who liked your videos. But if you ask about improving the performance of your channel, knowing the names won’t actually do any help to you. Youtube already discloses the demographics of your viewers that helps you to know your audience eventually to create better content for them. But frankly, names have nothing to do with improvement!

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