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Youtube Premium | What Are The Benefits?

Youtube is the most popular video streaming platform in the world right now which attracts a huge number of viewers and content creators alike. Recently, to make its service more attractive to users worldwide, youtube has launched a new office called Youtube Premium. It was earlier known as Youtube Red, however, Google has now improved the service and rebranded it as Youtube Premium. You can subscribe to it by paying a small amount of money and get access to a range of features that give you an ultimate YouTube binge experience. It has something great to offer to both content creators and viewers on youtube.

You may have pondered over subscribing to YouTube Premium if you use youtube a lot. Is YouTube Premium, however, worthwhile? Let’s look at everything that YouTube Premium has to offer, and help you decide if it is worth paying for.

Benefits To Content Creators

1. Get share in earnings

Like with ad revenue, youtube also shares a part of its earnings from premium subscriptions with all the content creators on its platform. Whenever a premium user on youtube watches your videos on youtube, it adds to your contribution to the youtube premium revenue. Accordingly, you receive a proportionate share of revenue generation from youtube premium users. For example, if one channel has more Watch Time than another, it will receive a bigger sum of money. Finally, YouTube gets a 45 per cent share of a creator’s Premium profits, exactly like it does with ad income.

2. Earn through super chat credits

As an example, if one channel has more Watch Time than another, it will receive a bigger sum of money. Finally, YouTube gets a 45 per cent share of a creator’s Premium profits, exactly like it does with ad income.

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YouTube Premium is now undergoing a beta test, in which customers may give free donations to their favourite content creators. Every month, YouTube awards Premium members with $2 in Super Chat credits. During live streaming, viewers may donate to creators using those funds. This test might be huge for creators if it becomes a permanent feature. Particularly because a Super Chat credit is a great method to urge and motivate viewers to spend.

Benefits To Viewers

1. Watch premium content

Access to YouTube Originals, a selection of YouTube-produced exclusive programming, is one of the key benefits of YouTube Premium. Only a few episodes may be accessible for free users to watch at any given moment. A YouTube Premium subscriber, however, has access to all episodes of a series. That, too, as early as it debuts. They also have access to special content such as removed scenes and director’s edits.

Many popular YouTube artists now also create premium material that is only available on YouTube’s paid tier, which means your premium subscription will provide you with even more laughs, surprises, and action.

2. Watch later with downloads

Save For Offline is among the best technologies for those people who don’t have an internet plan or regularly commute to areas where mobile network availability isn’t that good. With YouTube Premium, each video has a download option that you can press to store the video for watching it later. Videos at a resolution of up to 1080p can be downloaded.

3. Get rid of ads everywhere on youtube

The most compelling feature of YouTube Premium is that it removes ads from all YouTube videos. Furthermore, there are no advertisements on any device, including smart TV applications, gaming consoles, and your smartphone obviously. Advertisements are in fact  YouTube’s most annoying element. The presence of several advertisements on your screen detracts from the overall video experience. Though there are occasions when you may skip them and they are of short duration, it becomes unpleasant after a while. With the subscription of Youtube Premium, all this irritation will be gone.

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4. Play videos in background

Youtube premium also gives you the ability to keep playing your videos even when you switch to a different app or turn your screen off.  This is useful if you frequently watch long YouTube videos and are only interested in the audio. Keeping your phone’s screen off will also save battery life. When using a smartphone, it is also highly likely that you get a notification every now and then from emails, Twitter mentions, or messages which seek your attention. With youtube premium, you can easily switch to other apps to check out that notification while your youtube video will keep playing in the background and you can still listen to the audio.

5. Get complimentary subscription to Youtube Music

YouTube Music Premium is included with a YouTube Premium membership. YouTube Music is a music streaming platform by Google, in case you didn’t know. It took the position of Google Play Music, which was phased out in late 2020.

YouTube Music, like Spotify, Apple Music and similar streaming services, is free to use. However, Youtube Premium gives you access to Youtube Music Premium. With that, you also receive ad-free streaming, background play, and the opportunity to download songs for offline listening.

YouTube Music Premium is already $9.99 per month, thus it adds more value to your YouTube Premium subscription. If you don’t already have a music platform subscription, you can get two memberships for the price of one with Youtube Premium.


You get a free trial for one month. After that YouTube Premium costs $11.99 for each month. Families and students can also choose from two other plans.

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YouTube Premium’s Family plan is priced at $17.99 per month. With it, 6 members of your family can enjoy the benefit. They should be at least 13 years old and must reside at the same address as you, according to YouTube’s rules.

The Student YouTube Premium plan costs $6.99 a month if you are a student and can verify it. 

Final words

Whether youtube premium is worthwhile for you and which plan suits you depends on your situation and on how much youtube you use. If you love watching videos on youtube a lot, then you should surely give the premium subscription a try as it has many amazing features that will make your watching experience much better.

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