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What Are Super Chats On Youtube?

Getting your YouTube fans to interact with you might be difficult when you’re just starting out. The majority of them simply want to view your videos, get their dosage of enjoyment, and then exit the app. Anyone who has been recording on YouTube for a while understands what we are talking about. It’s more difficult to keep consumers engaged with you than it is to get them to view your videos. How do you persuade them to stay with you for the long term so that you can start making more money? While there can be several engagement tactics that you can use, a relatively new and cool one is Super Chats! Let’s learn more about them.

What Are Super Chats

Super Chats are an exciting way to monetise your YouTube channel while also interacting with your viewers. Audiences in a live stream or in a video premiere can make cash donations to your channel ranging from $1 to $500 when you hold a live stream or plan a video premiere. In chats during such live streams, the messages of donors are referred to as Super Chats. Super Chats are emphasized and placed on the top of the video’s live chat to ensure that everyone can notice them. They also show the name of the donor as well as the amount of cash they contributed.

What Are Benefits Of Super Chats

  • Viewers or donors can benefit by super chats to get their messages noticed by everyone. This way fans can try to catch the attention of their favourite youtuber. Business people can use super chats to market their product in the live chats of popular live streams. They can send marketing messages in the live chats and get their chats highlighted through super chats to catch viewers attention. 
  • Youtubers can obviously benefit from the donations they get by earning more money. 
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How Does Super Chat On YouTube Work?

  • Duration of super chat

The longer a Super Chat’s remark is placed in live chat, the more money it holds. If someone donated $500, for example, their Super Chat will be shown for five hours. That’s the most anybody can spend on a single Super Chat, as well as the longest a Super Chat may be visible. As viewers pay less cash a comment’s exposure duration reduces. Thus $100 = 1 hour, $200 = 2 hours, and so on. It’s almost as though your supporters are betting on who can catch your attention the quickest.

  • Color of super chat

You can also decide how your comments appear in the super chats.  They’re available in a range of colours that highlight them whenever you make a comment.  A viewer’s Super Chat may be red, blue, green, or another brilliant hue depending on the amount of money they donate.

  • How much can viewers spend

Super Chats allow users to spend up to $500 each day and $2,000 in a week. There are no refunds for Super Chats. Donors receive an email receipt for each donation, and YouTube only issues refunds in exceptional situations.

  • How can you earn

To get the money, you’ll need to link an AdSense account to your YouTube channel. And you don’t get all of it. Every Super Chat is subject to a 30 per cent cut from YouTube.

Which Channel Is Eligible For Superchats

Take a time to see if your channel is suitable for the Super Chat function before you begin hunting for it. Every creator must have the following in order to satisfy the requirements:

  • A monetized channel
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Your youtube channel should be monetized. This means that your channel should have accumulated more than 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers. You should have accepted the monetization offer and should have an active Adsense account.

  • Be an adult

You should be older than 18 years of age. Which means that you should be an adult person. 

  • Location

You should have your channel from one of the locations at which Super Chats are available. Currently, Super Chats are not available in all the countries around the world.

  • Type of content

Yours shouldn’t be a ‘made for kids’ channel or one that publishes age-restricted content. The type of content that your channel has is thus an important consideration in deciding whether you are eligible for Super Chats or not.

Even if you meet all the above criteria, Super Chats may not always be available. To troubleshoot, look at your live chat settings first. Make sure the live chat function is turned on because that’s the only method using Super Chats right now.

How to Activate Super Chats

Once you’ve confirmed your eligibility, the last thing that’s left for you to do is to participate in Super Chats. There are a set of easy steps to do it. To get started, go to YouTube Studio. Click on the Monetization option in the navigation menu on the left. Click ‘Supers’ at the top of the dashboard of the Channel Monetization. You can deactivate or activate Super Chats on the right-hand corner of the screen. Stay on this dashboard if you need to see all your Super Chats in one spot. You’ll discover a list of any and all your latest contributions and who made them just below the ‘on’ and ‘off’ dial.

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Final words

Super chats are a new and cool feature to both interact with your viewers on your youtube and to earn some additional amount of money. If you can impress your viewers with your content and are able to maintain good relations with them, then super chats are surely a good option for you. 

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