7 Steps To Delete Liked Videos From YouTube!

A lot of information is transferred between people and companies without much to no conscious thought. We like or dislike a YouTube video, we retweet, or we reply to someone on Twitter, we like or dislike a post on Facebook, etc.

When you like a YouTube video, the person who uploaded it gets notified and happy that they succeeded in entertaining you. It might even motivate them to upload more content. 

It is however possible that you don’t anymore like someone’s video and want to remove it from your profile. And what if you’ve liked a video by mistake? And what if there are many videos that you like and now you don’t want to keep them in your profile?

Luckily, YouTube lets you delete the like from any video that you’ve liked. In this post, we will discuss how to delete all the liked videos on YouTube. So keep reading…

Why delete a video?

YouTube has changed the way we interact and consume media. It has allowed us to create and share our content. But like any social media platform, YouTube is not perfect. Most of the time, things that happen on youtube are decided by a program of codes, that we call the youtube algorithm.

YouTube is a fantastic place to upload videos for your audience. You can share professional videos, tutorials, and even personal life videos. But with so many incredible videos on YouTube, sometimes people like the wrong video by accident.

Another example is when a video contains information about sensitive topics such as sexuality, mental health, drug abuse, violence, etc. When many people like these videos, it becomes more difficult to distinguish what you want to watch from what you don’t want to watch.

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Maybe once you liked something but now you don’t find it appropriate. Or maybe you just liked the video by mistake as in our first example above. Whatever may be the reason, but since you have liked the video, youtube will still keep sending you similar recommendations. If you don’t want to receive see those types of videos anymore, then one easy way is to delete liked videos.

There are many Disowned Videos on YouTube – What about them?

Video is the king of content, but creating an engaging video that gets likes and shares is essential. YouTube started as a social media channel for sharing videos online. Some videos go viral worldwide and get shared by millions of people, while others languish unliked or unshared on the platform for years to come.

A lot of people who use youtube to showcase their videos by creating their own channels can find it challenging. Uploading videos can be both fun and challenging because many factors come into play during the process. The video might not be as entertaining as expected, and it might have a wrong title or be irrelevant to the channel. These causes might lead to Unliked or Disowned Videos on Youtube.

If you like any video in the past which has now been disowned, it is better that you unlike them now. Because otherwise it will keep crowding your list of liked videos and consequently you will receive bad recommendations on youtube.

How to delete all Liked Videos on YouTube?

In conclusion, there may be many reasons why you would want to delete liked videos. And the good thing is that it can be a simple task if you follow the right process. All the user has to do is follow these seven steps:

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1. Log in to your YouTube profile.

2. In the left side dashboard, you will see the “Library” in the bottom of the menu.

3. Select the tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will find the liked video section.

4. Click on the “see all” option in the right corner of the liked video section. You will see all the liked videos on the screen.

5. Choose the video you need to delete

6. Hover over the video and click on the three-dot symbol

7. Now, choose the ” Remove from Liked videos” option.

That’s it. Now you have successfully removed the video from the liked video list. Like this, do it for every video you need to remove.

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