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Youtube Automation | A Great Way To Earn Passive Income!

YouTube has become a very popular platform these days. The reason for its popularity is not only about the presence of a large number of videos and viewers, but also about the amount of income that it lets the content creators earn from running ads on their videos. Earning from YouTube is like a dream for almost every person these days. But everybody also knows that it is not an easy task. It involves a lot of effort, first in creating the videos and then in promoting them to be able to start earning your dream money. 

However, there is a secret way that is slowly getting popular among YouTubers these days. This method allows you to cut through all the efforts needed and make it almost like earning passive income from YouTube. The method is called YouTube automation.

What is YouTube automation?

In simple words, YouTube automation refers to outsourcing all the steps involved in managing a YouTube channel, right from creating videos to promoting them. It is like you start a channel, then outsource all the work relating to it. Your workers create videos and do everything that is required to be done with the channel and you earn all the money while paying the workers a fee or salary for their work. Some YouTube automation service providers may even create a channel for you or give you a channel that is already earning. 

If you want to learn about how to manage a youtube channel you can take this course: Youtube Automation Masterclass on Udemy.

How did YouTube automation start?

Caleb Boxx, the YouTube Automation model’s young creator, came up with the idea while he was having difficulty managing the demands of content development for his Channel on youtube. To deal with his problems Caleb discovered a method to transform what was formerly a time-consuming project into a source of passive income. He started to find freelance talent for the major elements like content development, writing, voice-over, and video editing.

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Over time, Caleb gathered a lot of experience in working with freelancers for youtube channels. Later he started helping other individuals with his experience to create their own YouTube channels. He took on clients among the common people and used the YouTube Automation approach to help them make a lot of money passively from youtube. From there, this model became famous and other people also started using it.

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How to do Youtube Automation?

As we mentioned earlier, there are many YTA service providers who can provide you with everything you need. So you don’t need to do anything. Just make an investment or pay them their fees and they will do everything right from creating the channel to creating the videos and promoting it. However, if you want a little more control over your channel you can follow the following steps.

1. Find a cash cow channel

A cash cow channel refers to a YouTube channel in which the owner of the channel or the creator of the content does not show his face on the videos. For doing YouTube automation it is important for you to come up with the cash cow channel because the work will be handled by the freelancers or YTA service providers. They will be the ones who will create the videos and they cannot show their face as the channel is owned by you. At this stage what you can do is to either create your own cash cow channel or find an already well established cash cow channel on YouTube and create a channel just like it.

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2. Adapt your channel to its niche

If you have created your own channel, then you should also have some initial ideas in mind regarding the niche to which it should belong and the type of videos that it should make. Organise your ideas and adapt your channel a little as per them, so that you can explain easily to freelancers regarding what you want.

On the other hand, if you have found an already existing YouTube channel that earns a good amount of money, what you should do now is to study that channel. Adopt the strategies followed by that channel for your own channel. The idea here is to deeply learn from an already existing successful channel and do something similar to what it has been doing to earn money from Youtube.

3. Find people to work for you

After you’re ready with your channel and organized its theme and your ideas about it, it is time for you to find people who can manage it for you. You can find some good YTA service providers or capable freelancers specialising in doing these kinds of things.

The different types of work involved in managing your channel include coming up with new video ideas; making the videos by writing a script for it, giving a voice to it and creating graphics or recording the scenes for it, editing the video properly, writing the text description and doing digital marketing & SEO for it and actively engage with the audience and viewers of your channel on YouTube community and all social media as well. It is really important to find capable and experienced people for each of these tasks. This is something on which the success of your entire YouTube automation plan depends.

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Final words

YouTube automation is a great way to earn a lot of money passively from YouTube. However, it depends on the skills of the people whom you hire to do the work for you. If you find good people and are also ready to make some investment in the beginning, then you can easily earn a good passive income without putting in any considerable effort.

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