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What Does “Ft” Mean In Youtube Videos?

While browsing videos on YouTube there is one thing that often confuses the viewers. It is about a small, very small word included in the title of some videos. The word is “ft.” and we find it generally included in many of the music videos on YouTube. This world confuses the viewers because it does not make any sense on its own. In general, what we know is that Ft is short for the word “feet” which is a measurement of length. However, this meaning of FD does not make any sense when included in the titles of YouTube videos. This implies that there should definitely be another meaning of this word. If you are also thinking about the same thing, then you are at the right place. Keep reading to know more.

The real meaning of “ft.” in youtube

In YouTube videos the “ft.” doesn’t actually refer to the measurement of length. The “ft.” used in the YouTube videos is instead a short form of the word “featuring”.  In YouTube videos “featuring” or “ft.” indicates that a particular video also includes contributions by another person as well, other than the owner of the YouTube channel. The other person who has given his contribution in making the video is generally referred to as a featured artist. And therefore the title of such videos include the name of the featured artist as “this video ft. that artist”.

Lets see a few examples:

Having understood the true meaning of the word “ft.” in the title of YouTube videos, let us now see certain examples from YouTube that will make the meaning of this more clear.

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In the above video, you can see that there is a music video and the title of the video has the word “Ft” in it. The Ft means featuring and as you have learnt above, it shows the artists, other than the owner of the channel, who have contributed to this music video. In the above example, Janni is the owner of the channel and the main artist of this music video. However, Jaani has collaborated on this video with two other artists, and therefore he uses the word Ft in the title, to show the names of the collaborators – Asees Kaur and Arvind Khaira. In long form, you can read the title as – Apsraa, a music video by Janni, featuring the collaborators Asees Kaur and Arvind Khaira.

The benefits of using ft in your title:

YouTubers use the word featuring in the title of the YouTube video to give credit to the collaborators who have helped them make the video. There are two benefits associated with this.

  • It is a good practice to give credit to the collaborators. And therefore, when you do this, it increases the goodwill of your channel on YouTube. It also establishes you as a genuine person in the minds of the viewers and also of other content creators on YouTube who may look forward to collaborating with you in future.
  • Another benefit associated with this practice is that you get a large exposure to the audience on YouTube. When you mention in the title that certain people are featured in your video, then the viewers of those peoples will also watch your video and your viewership will increase dramatically. This is particularly very advantageous to newcomers or new artists on YouTube.
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The way to use “Ft” in your video titles

The general way to use “Ft” in your title is to first give your name then the word “Ft” and then the name of collaborators. You can use the following template to do this easily- 

Video Name | Your Name | Ft. | Collaborator’s Name

Most of the time you will find the word ft used in the music videos. However, this is not necessary and you can use the word “Ft” in any of your videos. Below is a screenshot of a video that belongs to making money in the stock market. You can see the word “Ft” being used to mention the name of the interviewer, whom the owner of the channel has interviewed.

Therefore, be your video from whatever topic, if you have collaborated on it, then it is a good practice to give credit to the collaborators by using the word “Ft”.

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