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Why Do People Dislike Videos On Youtube?

YouTube has both the like and dislike option on the videos so that viewers can express their opinion about the video. While this is totally fine, there is a thing that always appears awkward to many people. You would normally expect a good video to have lots of likes and a bad video to have lots of dislikes. While this does happen, another thing that happens is that many times we see a good video with a lot of likes on YouTube also has a lot of dislikes. We often see that a video that is good and viral on YouTube with millions of likes, has a few thousand dislikes as well. This confuses many people. How can the video that is good in every manner, the video that is also liked by millions of people for being good, also has many dislikes! If you are also confused by this question, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will discuss the reasons due to which people dislike even the generally good YouTube videos.

1. Different personality traits

Each person on earth has a different personality. Every person is unique in the way he looks, every person has different behaviour and every person has different likes and dislikes as well. The Difference between likes and dislikes between two people is actually a big difference. The difference can be very extreme in many cases. While there are some people who like white colour and totally hate black, there are others who only like black and don’t like white at all. Some people like chilli while others like sweets. Similarly, there can be differences in likes and dislikes when it comes to YouTube videos. It can be true that a video that is liked by the majority of people is not actually liked by a few people. There can be no hidden agenda behind their disliking the video. They simply don’t like it really and that’s why they hit the dislike button.

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2. Fed up with something

We people have a general trait that we always like new things. And having the same kind of stuff for a long time makes us get bored of it. The same can be true when it comes to YouTube videos. A video may be perfectly good and there was a time when you also liked it. But maybe now you have already watched a lot of videos of this type and now you are just fed up with them. You don’t want to watch those types of videos anymore because you have become bored of them. That’s why you hit the dislike button to tell the YouTube algorithm that you don’t want to see this type of content anymore.

3. To support a particular belief system

There may be some people who support a particular type of belief system. There may be some other people like this also who belong to a particular organisation that support a particular kind of belief. Sometimes it may happen that a video that is uploaded on YouTube goes against the belief system that they support. The video may be a good one but since they or their organisations are against the belief that is supported by the video, they move forward to dislike the video. Such people or organisations can also take the help of automated bots to dislike all videos like that on a regular basis.

4. Hitting it by mistake

Making mistakes is the very nature of man. All of us make many mistakes every day. Sometimes we make big mistakes, but most of the time we make silly mistakes and there is little we can do about it because we simply are not robots. Human beings do make mistakes, no matter what. Such mistakes can happen while being on YouTube as well. Many people may hit the dislike button by mistake without even realising that they have hit it. Some may realise their mistake when they watch that video again and see the dislike button glowing. At that time they may take back their dislike. But if they don’t watch the video again, there is no way they are going to realise their mistake and the video remains disliked by them forever.

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5. Due to personal reasons

There may be some people who are not actually against the content of the video, but they have personal issues with the creator of the content or the owner of the YouTube channel. For example, a content creator on YouTube may be jealous of his rivals’ growing popularity. Similarly, there may be many such cases of personal issues. In such cases the person who has personal issues with the owner of a YouTube channel may dislike all the videos that are posted by him, just to bring him down on YouTube.

6. Some people may just be mean

There may be cases in which there is no particular reason to dislike a video. There is no personal issue, there is no personal life or dislikes, no mistakes, no anything else. Some people may just be mean. They have an urge to bring other people down and that’s why they dislike popular videos on YouTube.

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