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In 2021, many people are searching on Google about how to make money online, or what are the ways to make money online? And as a result, they get a number of articles on this and they even get a number of suggestions to make money online, most of which is passive income.

If you are also searching for the same thing, then you will find out here how to make money from YouTube. Everyone says that you can make money from YouTube, but no one believes it because they think that there is too much competition. There are lots of such sceptics as well who think that making money on the Internet is not possible at all. In reality, however, there are innumerable success stories of people who have made a fortune through the internet. With dedication and hard work, you can become an Internet sensation. And if you’re lucky you can also become an online millionaire, through a variety of methods, including through YouTube.

Let’s see how much money YouTubers make

Money Do Youtubers Make
  • Google pays 68% of AdSense revenue to publishers, which means for every $100 earned by google from advertisements, the publisher receives $68.
  • Advertisers pay anywhere between $0.10 and $0.30 per view, with an average of $0.18 for each view.
  • On average, the owner of a YouTube channel can make $18 for every 1,000 ad views. This works out to about $3 to $5 per 1000 video views.

So now we have got an idea of how much money YouTubers earn.

But many YouTubers answer that they earn “nothing” or “very little money”. Some YouTubers, on the other hand, make a good living from their video feeds. And then there is a small elite group of people who make a lot of money, even millions from their youtube videos.

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What Could You Earn in the Early Days of Your Channel?

When a beginner comes to generating money from youtube, it’s become a bit difficult for him to earn from his first videos. When you upload your first video to YouTube, you’re unlikely to make any money. You will be a newbie on YouTube, and it takes a long time to influence people on YouTube with your videos. A famous YouTuber, PewDiePie, also struggled really hard to promote his videos when he first uploaded his videos on YouTube in 2010. And he kept working on his niche videos in Swedish till he got popular enough to start earning from YouTube.

To monetize your YouTube channel you will need to get an Adsense account. This will allow you to run ads on your videos and earn from them. The majority of the ads are CPC (cost per click) and you need viewers to click on a CPC ad in order to make money from your ad videos. But a small percentage of your viewers will click on it. Also, it should make sure your viewers watch at least 30 seconds of the video in order to consider payment. If they skip your ad at the beginning, then it becomes difficult for the channel to earn money.

However, until you have good traffic on your youtube channel you are not able to make any real money, so try to get real traffic by promoting your content as much as you can and making them SEO friendly as well. SEO techniques will really help to get some real views on your videos.

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If you have chosen a good and trending topic for your channel and also participate in affiliate marketing, you might be able to start making money with even a small subscriber base. For example, if your videos evaluate a popular sort of product and include a link to an affiliate sales page for that product, you might start earning money.

There are certain niches that are easier to generate money than others. So, if you want to live one day off from your channel’s profits, this will most likely help you choose a topic that people are interested in. Gaming is probably the most successful niche. Let’s face it: gaming is a massive industry in and of itself, and many gamers have a good amount of disposable income.

1,000,000 is a big milestone for success.

When a YouTube channel’s subscriber count approaches the millions, the owners’ lives become much easier. These channels are gaining popularity and are known as thought leaders in their respective fields.

The channel, which has 1,000,000 subscribers, has a large number of communities and these channels are still in the minority because there are already over 2,000 channels with 1,000,000+ subscribers. Once you’ve built up a large enough following, you’ll have enough traffic to make a decent living.

If a channel has the ability to post fresh videos every week at 1, or 2, then a channel could get its entire 1,000,000 viewers to watch new videos weekly. It would earn $18 x 1,000 x 2 = $36,000 every week from AdSense only. But this level of popularity, many more ways of earning also open for you like affiliate marketing, merchandise selling, and much more. It does need a lot of dedication, hard work, and patience in the beginning, but once you reach there, you can earn a lot and a lot of money. It is also true that luck is also required but you must also know that Luck Favours The Prepared!

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