The 3 Steps To Go Viral On YouTube Revealed!

Youtube is the most popular platform to showcase your talent. There are millions of people who watch videos on youtube everyday and you also want to be popular among them. You have talent and you make really interesting videos, and that’s why you believe that you can be the next youtube sensation. But do you know that having great videos is not all that it takes to get popular on youtube. You may have noticed that sometimes even the not so good videos get viral on youtube and some really good videos haven’t got enough views yet. It’s not that quality doesn’t matter.Without quality one or two of your videos may get viral, but people won’t stick with your channel for long. But besides quality there is another thing that works that can sometimes make even the not so good videos popular. And that thing is marketing! Let’s talk about three ways in which you can use marketing to get viral on youtube.

1. Understand your viewers

Go Viral On YouTube

Understanding your viewers can help you create better content and also promote them rightly. 

  • Creating the right content is important. You should track how your viewers responded to your previous videos, and then adjust your content accordingly. It’s a good idea to make more of the videos that they love. You can track the response of your viewers through various ways like observing their comments and likes and using the youtube analytics. Sometimes you can also ask your viewers to give their views on what they like more. Also make sure to keep up with the current trends, and adapt your videos accordingly. 
  • Promoting your video is also really important. But to promote, it is important to fully understand your target audience so you can tailor your promotion strategy for them. It is much more effective to promote rock music to fans than to people randomly. Similarly, you can try to get a list from the internet of famous rock musicians and their fans, and then you can promote your music among those fans. 
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2. Use social media

Most people think that if they are making videos on youtube, it has nothing to do with other social platforms. But this is not true. Many of the most popular channels on youtube have a strong presence on social media as well. They use the platforms like Facebook and Instagram to extensively promote their content and engage with their audience. Social media is undoubtedly the most effective tool for promotion. To promote your videos on social media, you must be able to develop a good strategy. Regular posting is the first thing that you must do. You must post content regularly on social media. If you don’t, people will soon forget about you. Also, it is not enough to post anything if you are posting on a regular basis. Your content should be interesting and must engage your viewers.

Social media is a great way to stay in the minds and hearts of your viewers. You can share your experiences and points of view, as well as your journey on social media. Do not wait to promote your video after releasing it. Start promoting weeks in advance. Share the latest news about your new video with your fans, share teasers, and remind them that your new videos are coming.

3. Use SEO

SEO is often overlooked by YouTubers. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of making it easier for people to search your video on Google or YouTube. First, you must choose a title carefully. You should make it interesting and something that entices curiosity. It should also explain well the content of your video and include keywords. A brief, but informative description of the video with relevant keywords is also required. Next, add some tags to indicate genre and subgenre as well as other keywords. Finally, give your video an attractive thumbnail.

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