How to pop out twitch chat?

These days, Twitch is a fantastic and really dynamic video streaming network. On Twitch, you may find a variety of entertainment, including gaming, culinary, and IRL (in real life) streaming. Whatever your interests, Twitch is sure to have something interesting to offer.

The fact that Twitch is a two-way street is one of its many wonderful features. The streamers you are watching allow for interaction, and many of them like chit-chatting with their audience members. This results in an experience that is completely unique, vivid, and engaging.

Twitch Chat

On Twitch, people watch live streams for entertainment purposes. Eventually, like other social networking and video hosting web platforms, on Twitch as well the audience wants to share their reviews and feedback with each other. Communication is the key to smooth relation building between an admin and audience. For this purpose, Twitch has added this feature known as Pop out Twitch chat. With this option, you can start a convo with the hosts. 

This helps the admins also in knowing the reactions of the viewers in genuine form. They can also use the reaction in modifying their next hosting event. This feature is found to be very useful for admins.

How to Pop out Twitch Chat

How to pop out Twitch chat?

Sometimes due to complexities or you can say due to lack of knowledge about twitch interface, people find it difficult to use twitch options. One of the common issues people, whether viewer or streamer faces is to find and utilize the chat option on twitch. Because before updates, the Twitch chat pop out option was very complex to use. The whole procedure was tiring. 

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But now, as the accessibility and reliability of Twitch is ascending day by day, the user interface also gets a little easier and more friendly. Let’s know how to open pop out twitch chat option:

When you are an Audience:

As an audience you can use this chat option by following this procedure-

  1. Check in to your respective Twitch Profile.
  2. Tab on the respective Live Channel which you want to watch.
  3. After opening the Live channel, On the right hand side of your screen you will find a gear like option (Look like settings) in the bottom right corner. Click on that.
  4. An option window will appear, in the last of the list you will get your Pop out Twitch chat option.
  5. After clicking on that Pop out Twitch chat option, a new chat window will open for you.

Twitch chat Pop out option for audience

When you are a Streamer

For streamers, their Twitch user interface is slightly different from normal viewer interface. So, using the chatting option via the Streamer interface is also little different from that viewer interface. Let;s check this out-

  1. Sign in to your respective Twitch account.
  2. On your streaming window, Tab on Setting Option. The Mod Setting window will open.
  3. On that Mod setting window, go to the bottom and click on Switch to Non-mod Setting Option.

Switch to Non Mod settings

4.  On that Non-Mod Setting window, you will get your pop out chat option.

 Pop Out chat

*Although as a streamer, while playing games or any other demonstration on twitch at Full screen mode, you can;t be able to use the open communication option. But still on normal screen mode you can easily follow the above procedure.*

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Need of Twitch chat 

You will surely wonder, why will people need a chat option as Twitch is a streaming platform. So, the answer for that question is that we need twitch chat because When it comes to gaming, as we are all aware, communication is crucial. This is why extruding a twitch conversation is so useful. It’s a great way for players to meet new people, form groups, and coordinate strategies. Not only that! In addition to allowing you to connect with other gamers, Twitch’s chat feature helps you grow a fanbase for your favorite titles. You can meet people who share your interest in video games and are even organized into clans or teams. Sometimes people hide their twitch chat due to timing issues but they can open it easily. The communication feature in Twitch is a great place to meet other gamers and discuss strategies, so don’t miss out.


ESports are growing in the life of game lovers in ascending order. Due to the craze and passion for victory, game spirit, sportsmanship, entertainment, and hobby platforms like twitch are also growing at high pace. So, if you are also into twitch, you should know about its interface and options like pop out twitch chat for smooth utilization of this amazing platform.

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