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Use Youtube’s Content ID | Protect Your Content From Being Stolen!

Youtube is the world’s largest search engine platform for video marketing. Many Internet Marketers know about this youtube platform and they have become the most popular Internet Marketer through this Youtube platform. And they are known for producing good video content for their fans or followers.

Many business entrepreneurs don’t use this platform as they are having fear their original video content getting stolen due to copyright issues. As youtube is totally free of cost for watching videos and billions of users spend their time watching videos on youtube. And because of this many entrepreneurs don’t use this platform because they think that anyone can use their video without their permission for their own advantage.

By keeping these things in mind Youtube has created a system which is known as Youtube’s Content ID that aims to prevent video producers from their content being stolen. This Content ID feature gives complete control over how to organise content and how your videos will be shared across the youtube platform.

How it works:

Youtube's Content ID

When you upload a video to youtube, youtube scans the whole content and gives a unique content ID to your video that recognizes its unique features. As youtube scans all the videos that are uploaded on its platforms, whenever somebody uploads a video that has content copied from you, it will match from your content ID and youtube will immediately let you know. You can decide what to do when someone uploads a video that incorporates your content without your permission. You may take any of the following actions.

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Block the whole video from being viewed– 

It is possible for a copyright holder to prohibit an objectionable video in a certain country or globally. If a video has content that matched your content ID, it means that somebody has stolen that content from you, and you can take action to block that video to be viewed in a particular region or throughout the world. Then nobody will be able to see that video and the video uploader won’t be able to benefit from the content he stole from you.

Mute Audio and other noises– 

Audio is muted, and other noises are produced. In the event of talks, presentations, original songs, or background music, you can silence whatever you want. As a result, the offender will be unable to benefit from your work, which should push them to remove the video. It’s also possible to use watermarks with links back to your site to allow visitors to view the video.

Monetize videos by running ads

Another great option that youtube gives you is to take all the earnings from the videos that contain content stolen from you instead of blocking them. If you choose this option, those videos will play naturally on youtube but all the money that the video earns by running ads on it will come to your account instead of the uploader.

Keep a close watch on how many people are watching the video– 

The additional views gained through unlawful exploitation of your video footage may really be beneficial in certain cases. Using YouTube statistics may assist you in determining the optimal strategy. If other individuals are going to assist you to promote your marketing material and getting it in front of more people, why not take advantage? Let other people steal and copy content from you, but when they upload it on youtube, you can claim it and even monetize it. The advantage here is that your content will reach the other person’s viewers as well and get more popularity.

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However, not every online marketer will benefit from the Content ID scheme, nor will they be able to enforce it on YouTube. But as you generate very unique material in your specialised field, this approach provides security that your branding and financial interests will be first in any copyright conflict.

Youtube content ID scheme is basically a safeguard for the content creators in the event that their videos are misused or repurposed without their permission. Similarly, video marketers are made aware of the dangers of copying someone else’s work.

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