What Equipment Is Needed To Stream Professionally On Twitch?

We all know that the Internet is quite effective when it’s about getting entertained. And these days, twitch seems to be the new choice of people over the internet. However, thinking from the point of view of streamers, it’s not a very easy task. As a streamer, you aren’t getting entertained but you are the one doing hard work to keep your viewers entertained. To produce an excellent stream, there are several elements that need to be worked on. And if you are eager to do that, just read on, because here are a few tips that may actually help you

The importance of equipment

For somebody who is a beginner on twitch, we won’t say that hi-tech equipment is a primary requirement. Content is always the most important thing and that is true even for the pro twitch streamers. A set of good equipment just makes your streams look more professional. But there are some basic quality standards which your videos must meet. 

The important point that we would like to make here is that you should not ignore these things. Maintaining a good quality doesn’t actually require a lot of investment. But streamers generally don’t pay attention to them, which is why they continue to stream in bad quality. Of course, if you want to invest more, you can get as much expensive equipment as you want, and reap its benefits in the form of an improved stream. But if you don’t want to invest too much, just note that basic quality standards can be maintained with a small investment as well. The only need is to pay attention to quality related issues.

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Here are a few tips to help you find the right equipment to stream professionally on twitch:

1. Audio Equipment 

Equipment Is Needed To Stream Professionally On Twitch

Streaming often involves a lot of commentaries. That’s why it’s important that your viewers are able to hear you clearly. If someone joins your stream and your microphone sounds resemble nails on a blackboard, they will leave immediately. It’s a really disturbing experience and nobody would want to have their ears pierced like that. Find a good mic that doesn’t catch a lot of background sounds, doesn’t give distortion noise, and gives a clear output.

2. Internet Connection 

Did you forget about the internet connection? But that’s important, right? Good internet is what streaming primarily depends on. And it is important to ensure a seamless experience for your viewers. Your internet connection doesn’t need to be incredibly fast, but it should at least be able to broadcast your streams at 720p, without hiccups. I think 720p is the minimum quality in which the users will like to watch a video. So make sure you are totally able to do that.

3. Video Equipment


While streaming, it’s a great idea to interact with viewers and show your face. And in that case, your viewers must be able to see you clearly enough to be able to comfortably interact with you. A blurry image in a dull room can have a bad effect on the experience of the viewers even if the content is good. So just invest a little bit in a good camera. As said earlier, you don’t need to get the most sophisticated devices out there (you can if you want). But to start with, just find a decent one within your budget and you are good to go. 

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Lighting is among the most underrated equipment needed to stream professionally on Twitch. Many streamers struggle to have adequate lighting on their channels, and the interesting part is that good lighting isn’t even costly. It’s just about paying attention, as we said above. 

So just get a good light that fits your budget because it’s important. Good lighting can actually instil life into your picture quality. And here’s a tip- In settings with just one camera and one light, the light should be placed behind the camera, neither in the front nor to the side of it. 

4. Softwares

There are a few software which are really useful when you are streaming on Twitch. They can make your work really easy and will allow you to work professionally as well. Let’s have a look at the important ones. 

Streaming Software

If you’re new to streaming, or even if you’ve been doing it for a while, you’ll need good streaming software. If you don’t, you can end up spending more time correcting issues and failures on your broadcast than actually streaming. Streamlabs, Stream Elements, OBS, and Twitch Studio are among the most popular options to consider. These will include many features like themes & overlays to assist you make your broadcast appear more professional, as well as analytics and stats to help you to improve your channel.

Chat Bot

When you initially start broadcasting on Twitch, manually managing your conversation is simple since you will likely just have a few viewers in your chat. However, when your viewership grows, you’ll need to use a bot to assist you moderate and manage your conversations with thousands of viewers.

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A bot can assist you identify and remove any words that you don’t want on your broadcast. Bots may not only assist with chat moderation, but they can also send bulk messages and provide automatic answers to FAQs.

This is pretty much everything you will need to start streaming while maintaining a good quality standard. 

Good luck..!

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