Why do people love videos so much? Both who creates and who watches them!

Do you know why people love videos so much? I will tell you why. And from both sides: the spectator, “the person watching”, and the producer, “the person that creates”.

Those who create videos

One of the most common reasons why people love to create videos is that they can be used as a means of communication. Video editing software gives us the ability to simplify our messages and make them easier to understand. It also gives us the opportunity to make it more creative or change reality, with effects, cuts and whatnot.

Also “marketers” love videos, but for another purpose..

Why do people love videos

If you’ve ever been into a marketing seminar or sales presentation, then you’ve probably noticed how professional speakers are able to use video editing software to cut together their speech and make it easier to understand. Why do they do this? Well, in a situation like this, when you’re trying to sell a product or a service to a crowd of people, you have to get your message across in a couple of different ways. You have to get the crowd engaged in what you’re trying to say and you need to grab their attention so that they will continue to listen to you. This is where video editing comes in.

It makes also their life easier!

Think about it: in order to create a video ad, you would have to find a location, put on a great performance, and attract attention by showing some creativity. You might even think about hiring a professional comedian or actress to give a great speech and perhaps do some dance numbers to go along with it. But with the help of video-editing software, you can create an ad that will draw attention, make your product or service known, and keep your customers coming back again.

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Why people who watch videos, love to watch them?

Let’s finish the article with the other side, the people that watch the videos, the spectators.

Scientists say our brains process visuals almost 60,000 times faster than text. That’s why our brains love watching videos.

A very quick explanation, yes, but nothing is better than a scientific one. And this line sums up why – biologically – we love to watch videos! 🙂

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