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Advanced Methods To Use YouTube Analytics

This is part two of our blog post. In the first part of this article, we talked about some of the basic metrics in youtube analytics. But now, we will take things a lever further and discuss the advanced metrics shown by youtube analytics. We will also discuss easy and practical ways in which you can use them! So keep reading to know more and become an ultimate YouTube analytics expert!

1. Unique viewers

Unique and returning viewers are a classification of the overall views you got for all your videos in a particular period. There may be several viewers who have watched a video of your channel twice or thrice or maybe more number of times. While all these views are represented in the overall view count, the unique view count does not include these. Unique viewers include only those who have watched your videos for the first time only, over a particular period. This gives you an insight into the number of new viewers you have gained, which is really important for the growth of your channel. If you find that your unique view count is low, it means that your content is no anymore attracting new viewers and only the old viewers are watching your videos. This may be a sign that you have failed to change with time and you need to incorporate some newness in your videos.

Use YouTube Analytics: A snapshot showing returning and unique viewers

2. Returning viewers

In contrast with the unique viewers, returning view count shows you the numbers of viewers who have watched your videos in the previous period, and have returned to your channel to watch more videos in the present period. Returning viewers are those who are liking your content and who love to watch more of what you produce. A low returning view count may mean that you are failing to impress the audience with your content. Maybe your title and thumbnails are attractive, that’s why viewers are clicking to watch your videos for the first time but the content fails to impress them and that’s why they don’t return.

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3. When your viewers are on YouTube

Under this metric YouTube shows you the data regarding days and time which your viewers prefer to be active on YouTube. It shows you the days of the week in which your viewers use YouTube most and it also shows you the time of the day in which your viewers are most active. Such data can help you a lot in finding the best time and day for your video uploads. This can also help you decide the perfect time to engage with your YouTube community.

Use YouTube Analytics
Use YouTube Analytics: A snapshot showing when your viewers are active

4. Watch time from subscribers

This metric shows you the data about how many of your views come from those who have subscribed to your channel and how many of them come from those who have not subscribed. If somebody has subscribed to your channel, it generally means that he liked your content. This also means that subscribers should be watching more of your videos. To use this youtube analytic, notice that if you have a small percentage of views coming from your subscribers, and most of them are coming from non-subscribers. If this is the case with you then it means that while you are able to attract new viewers, you are unable to retain them. If this is the case with you, you need to do some analysis and find out the reasons why your subscribers are not watching your videos.

Use YouTube Analytics
Use YouTube Analytics: A snapshot showing watch time gained from subscribers

5. Card and end screen reports

YouTube allows you to place several links on the top of your videos in the form of cards and end screens. If you have used these features in your videos, then this metric will show you all the information about how your cards and end screens are performing. Examine the efficacy of your cards in terms of card kind, timing, location, and its duration, and make adjustments as necessary. Look for trends about what works better, and then tweak your technique to get the most clicks possible.

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6. Top Playlists

A playlist allows you to organise content easily and it also helps your viewers to easily find what they want to watch. Playlists are also a great way to increase your views as when you organise content into a playlist, people generally feel curious to watch the next video. If you have made playlists on your channel, then this metric will show you detailed information about the performance of your playlist. It shows you the playlists of your channel which have garnered the most views from the audience. It helps you know better about how to organise your content. This will also help you know which of your playlists aren’t performing well, so that you can make changes to them accordingly.

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