Given the huge amount of audience that visits youtube every day, the power of youtube as a source of money is hidden to none. That is why it attracts content creators from all corners of the world. But you should know that youtube is a great market marketing tool as well. Business firms from around the world use youtube to promote their products by making videos themselves, or by advertising their products on others’ videos. And these advertisements are what pays for the revenue of content creators. But other than ads, there is more direct method business firms love to use to promote their products through youtube. And as a YouTuber, that method can give you brand deals and mean an additional way of earning a lot of money!

What are brand deals?

These days, many businesses like to get their brands promoted directly by YouTubers. Instead of displaying ads on their videos, they prefer to pay YouTubers to directly promote their products in their (YouTubers) videos. For example, a makeup brand may enter into a deal with a famous makeup blogger on youtube. Such a deal may require the blogger to use their products in their blogs, recommend them to his viewers, add a like to directly buy the products from his video descriptions, and so on. Through such arrangements, while businesses can get their brand promoted easily among their target audience, YouTubers can earn a lot of money.

Tips to grab brand deals

Despite the fact that every content creator on youtube desires to get a brand deal, getting one is difficult in reality. The major reason behind this is that YouTubers themselves make several errors, ranging from poorly pitching brands to not making the initial move. Simply told, most YouTubers aren’t aware of how brand partnerships work. In this blog, therefore, we will explain everything you need to get a brand deal alongside giving practical tips and clearing all the misconceptions on brand deals that YouTubers generally have. So keep reading!

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1. Make the first attempt yourself

A typical blunder YouTubers make is waiting for the glory to come to them. You instead need to chase those milestones, whether you desire more views, followers, or brand deals. Don’t put it off! Many YouTubers believe that all they have to do is to make videos and then sit and await a brand deal to come their way. But this is not true. The fact is that reaching out to a firm on your own and attempting to form a relationship with them is never too early. Making such attempts on your own can increase your chances of success.

2. Don’t wait to get a lot of subscribers

To get brand partnerships, you don’t need a million or even a hundred thousand subscribers. When it comes to brand deals, the number of subscribers isn’t a very important factor. 

Consider a situation in which a business must choose between two YouTubers for a marketing campaign. The first YouTuber has 50K followers, yet his videos receive practically no engagement from viewers. Despite having a large following, they receive very few likes, comments, and viewsThe second YouTuber has 15K subscribers but has a high level of audience involvement. Each of their videos receives several views, comments and likes. 

For the purpose of promoting brands, having good interaction with the audience is much more important. Therefore if you have a healthy community of followers, go talk to the brands with confidence that you can get the deal and make it worth it for them as well.

3. The way to make a good proposal

Have you ever pitched a brand you’d want to collaborate with and received no response? You’re not the only one who feels this way. Many YouTubers fail miserably when seeking to build lucrative partnerships, particularly over email. If this has happened with you as well, try considering the following points to make a better proposal.

  • A relevant proposal is one that is related to the advertising style of a brand. Consider what type of marketing strategy the firm has adopted in the past and how you can help them make it better.
  • With a little investigation, you may easily identify a movie in your library that fits their brand’s objectives. You may then utilise that video to build an effective proposal, demonstrating your ability to complete the task before actually executing the work.
  • The next step is to be persistent. To maximise your chances of receiving a response, send some follow-up emails.
  • Finally, make your proposal simple to comprehend and implement.
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4. Price your services rightly

It’s not always obvious how much a brand should pay for your services. However, you should never roll the dice. Reasonable pricing can be determined based on the brand’s campaign goals. Different types of campaigns may have different price sensitivity. Campaigns for conversions have a fixed budget and are difficult to negotiate. Budgets for content repurposing campaigns are less stringent, and room for negotiation exists. Finally, brand awareness campaigns have a loose budget, thus they are easy to bargain.

Knowing clearly about campaign deliverables is also important here. A five-minute film for an awareness campaign, for example, requires more effort than a one-minute video ad.   As the minutes tick by, you’re putting in more and more effort. It makes it reasonable to raise your pricing for lengthier projects if you charge $500 for a quick ad.

5. Don’t delay your response

Let’s imagine a company sends you an email with a marketing chance. What should be your initial course of action? The best option you have is to stop what you’re doing and take the time to read the full proposal carefully.  Once you’ve grasped the matter, reply with a yes or no as early as possible, ideally the same day.

It is vital to respond quickly because you aren’t the only individual the brand is contacting. If a firm contacts 40 individuals, it’s likely that it only has the money to recruit 15 artists. If you wait three days to react, somebody will take the deal.

6. Pay close attention to the brand needs

Before getting into a partnership, did you fully comprehend what the firm needs or expects from you? It’s the most fundamental, underpinning requirement of every partnership. However, most creators are so ecstatic to work with a brand, that they forget to pay attention to the details.  Every campaign, in general, has one or more following goals, which you should understand clearly before taking the deal.

  • Conversions: The process of persuading viewers to adopt a certain action. This covers things like buying, downloading, clicking and so on.
  • Repurposing content: Collecting content from youtubers and repurposing it on their website and social media profiles.
  • Brand awareness: Increasing the brand’s visibility. Views, likes and engagement rate are all important in this situation.
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Every creator should also have basic information, particularly about campaign deliverables, before entering into a deal.  Knowing what the company requires from you, whether it’s an Instagram scroll feed or a 5-minute video, can help you determine if you can accomplish it and how much effort it will take. You can’t offer them appropriate pricing either if you don’t understand what the goals are.

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