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How To Change Youtube Profile Picture | Two Ways

Youtube profile picture is the image that represents you on youtube. This image is shown on your channel homepage, below each video, you upload, and beside each comment or post you make on youtube. If you want to change your appearance on youtube, changing your profile picture is the most important step that you can take. Here we are going to discuss the step by step procedure to change your youtube profile picture. Read on to know more.

Confusion point regarding youtube profile picture:

There is a thing that often confuses most YouTubers who want to change their profile picture. It is that there can be two different types of profile images on youtube. One image is your youtube channel logo that is specific to youtube only. The other image is your google account profile picture, which is shown on every google platform you use like Gmail, Gpay, play store, and youtube as well. You can set a google profile image if you want to have the same look on all the platforms of Google. But if you want to keep a separate identity on youtube, then you need to set your youtube channel logo image. Let’s discuss the steps for both of them one by one.

Change youtube profile picture: Through google profile image-

If you want to change your Google profile image, you can do this through several apps.

Step1: Open any google app or website and click on your profile. If you have youtube open, you will find your profile in the top right corner. 

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Step2: Click on “Manage your Google Account”

Change youtube profile picture

Step3: Your google accounts page will open. On this page, click on your profile image in the Home tab.

Change youtube profile picture

Step4: Upload your desired profile image and save the changes made. Your profile image is now successfully changed and will be reflected on all the Google platforms. 

Change youtube profile picture: Through youtube channel logo-

If you want to change your appearance just on youtube and keep it separate from other google platforms, then you need to use this method.

Step1: Open youtube through a browser or mobile app and find your profile in the top right corner. 

Step2: Click on “Your Channel” 

Change youtube profile picture

Step3: On your channel page, go to the “Customize Channel” option.

Change youtube profile picture

Step4: As soon as you click on the customize channel option, your channel customisation page will open. On that page, go to the “Branding” tab.

Change youtube profile picture

Step5: On the branding tab, you have several options to set the appearance of your channel. The very first option is about your profile picture. By default, your profile picture is set as your Google profile image. To set a logo or image specific to youtube, click on the upload button beside your picture and upload your desired image. 

While choosing the profile picture, just make sure that it conforms to the size and dimension standards. You can find detailed standards just above the upload button. Read carefully and upload accordingly. Your profile picture is not successfully changed and will appear everywhere on youtube.

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