How to Hide YouTube Bar & Get More Screen Space on Your Browser!

YouTube has done much more than just become a social media platform. It has in fact made it easy to create much-needed content for social media platforms. It is also an advertising tool, for instance, for companies that are looking to advertise their products or services online. It is the world’s second-largest search engine, after Google.

Due to all these reasons billions of people visit Youtube every day. And when this is the case, convenience is the thing that matters the most. While youtube already offers so many features to make itself user friendly, one more thing you can do to make it better is to hide the youtube bar. This way you can get more screen space on the browser and a better viewing experience. So let’s discuss more about it.

What exactly is youtube bar?

The YouTube bar is the primary interface on YouTube for browsing and watching videos. The YouTube bar has several features that make it easier to find and watch the videos you want. It displays top-level categories like “Trending,” “YouTube TV,” and “Recently Watched.” It also includes a search box at the top of the page to find any video by keyword or channel name.

The new user interface also highlights channels you’ve subscribed to on the right side of the screen. If you hover your mouse over a channel, you will be able to see its description and other information, such as how many video views it has received or when it was last updated.

How to Remove or Hide YouTube Bar?

Hide YouTube Bar

There are various ways to hide or remove the Youtube bar.

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The simplest way is to do it by clicking on “Hide Toolbar” in the settings tab, or you can disable it entirely by turning off “Enable Toolbar (gives full screen)” in the settings tab. However, the problem with this simple method is that, after applying it, the youtube still show some data about your account information and subscribed channels differently than it would if you had just hidden it.

But the good news is that there are better ways to do it. These ways, though require you to take a few more steps, but they hide the toolbar completely. There are two ways to hide the YouTube bar. Either using a third-party extension or by using the customized bookmark option.

Option 1: Search for Google chrome extension for hiding YouTube bar, let’s say, HYDE extension.

Option 2: Using the customized code snippet. Create a bookmark in chrome by clicking on the bookmark space, and adding the code snippet given below, and save the bookmark.

javascript:(function(){var goaway=”.ytp-chrome-top,.ytp-chrome-bottom{display:none;}”;if(“\v”==”v”){document.createStyleSheet().cssText=goaway}else{var tag=document.createElement(“style”);tag.type=”text/css”;document.getElementsByTagName(“head”)[0].appendChild(tag);tag[(typeof”string”)?”innerText”:”innerHTML”]=goaway}})();

Note: Enter the above snippet in the URL tab of the bookmark.

Then all you will have to do is to click on this bookmark whenever you play the YouTube video. It will remove the YouTube Bar.

I hope this information helped you, Isn’t it? Still, you encounter any difficulties, feel free to drop your comments. 

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