How To Write An Effective Video Description On Youtube?

Video description on youtube is a set of words or a paragraph that explains the content of your video to the viewers as well as to the search engine algorithms. Writing a good description for your youtube video is as important as making a good video itself is. Because the description is something that can help your video reach all the viewers around the world for whom it is intended. Description lets the youtube and googles search engines understand what your videos are about and shows the search results accordingly. This helps people find your videos and is therefore a great way to boost your views.

Now since you know the importance of a good video description for youtube, let’s discuss some of the best tips and methods in which you can write a good description for your youtube videos.

1. What And How To Write?

Video Description

The description should reveal all the important and interesting aspects of your channel or video, but at the same time, it should not reveal too much. Instead, it should arouse the curiosity of the viewers to watch the video and find out something new. Further, the description should be written in such a language that appeals to the viewer and makes him want to watch the video. Get on your creative side and write something interesting to read. If you are writing a description for a video, then you can include some text describing your channel to descriptions of all your videos as well.

2. Include Focus Keywords

We already told you that youtube description helps the search engines to know your content. Therefore description must be written in a way that is easy to understand for search engines algorithms. These algorithms basically look for words that people often search for, and those are known as keywords. For example, if yours is a makeup channel, then you have to think or find words that people write in the search box while searching for a makeup video. If you find out that more people search using the words “easy makeup tutorial” than using words “how to do makeup easily” then you can write your description as: “In this channel, you will find easy makeup tutorials.” There are various keyword research tools available online that you can use like ahref, vidiq etc.

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3.Maintain a Human-Algo Balance

The primary purpose of the description is to serve the search engines, but many viewers on youtube also read descriptions to know about your channel before subscribing. Therefore while writing your description you have to use a language that is readable by both humans and search engines. For search engines, it should include keywords but it shouldn’t be like a text stuffed with just keywords. The keywords should instead totally mix with the rest of the text and the entire text should read like a coherent, well written piece.

4. Use Hashtags

Hashtags make it easier for viewers to find related videos. Thus if you include hashtags in your description, then you increase the chances of your channel and videos being found by the viewers. You can add up to 15 hashtags of which the first 3 will be displayed above the title of your videos.

5. Include Call To Action (CTA)

Call to action is about something that you want your viewers to do. You may want viewers to subscribe to your channel. You may want to divert them to your website, you may want to watch your latest video, or you may want them to participate in a contest organised by you or buy your affiliate products. You can call your viewers to make these actions by adding a link to these in your description.

6. Other Important Links

There are various other important links that you should share with your viewers and description is a good place to do that. You can add here links to your important or related videos, links to your social media pages, links to your affiliate products, links to any important site, product, file, etc you mentioned in our videos, etc.

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7. How Much To Write?

You get a space of 5000 characters or around 800 words to write your description. And you should use as much of this as possible with text relevant to your channel and videos. However, an important point to note here is that when your video appears in search results, only the first 150 characters of your description is visible and the rest can only be read by clicking the show more button. So remember to place your focus keywords and CTAs in the first 150 characters of your description. Other important links can be in the latter part of the text.

8. Make Sure To Not Violate Any Legal Rules

Do not use any offending term or word in your description. If you have used any copyrighted content in your videos, make sure to credit the copyright owners in the description. If your video is sponsored by someone or some organization, make sure to mention their name as sponsors. Following all the rules keeps you out of trouble and gives you a good reputation on youtube as well.

9. How To Speed Up The Process?

When it is about writing 800 words for every video you produce, it can become a tedious task. Writing the entire thing again and again all by yourself is not feasible. What you can do to speed up the process is to use the youtube defaults feature. You can use this feature to set a default description for all your videos. What you can do is to add a text that you want to be the same for all your video descriptions. Later when you upload your new videos, the default description will already be generated by youtube and what you can do is to add the additional text that you need just for that particular video. 

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With this, you now have every great tip you need to write a good and effective youtube description both for your channel and for your videos. So go on making amazing videos and power them up with writing a great description, which you just learned how to do. Good luck!

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